Should dogs like Morkies wear clothes? Do they need clothes? Yes and no… read on!

If it’s cold outside, then small dogs and dogs with hair instead of fur, do need a coat or sweater. The Morkie is both, small and blessed with hair, not fur. (It’s why they don’t shed.)

Little dogs need protective clothing when the weather gets cold; a sweater or coat works well for small breed and for breeds with very short hair, such as an Italian Greyhound.

Greyhounds are big dogs – weighing in at about 80 pounds, but you wouldn’t send this guy out in a Canadian winter without a coat.

Remind me – what’s the difference between hair and fur?

Dogs with lots of FUR don’t need help staying warm.

Their two layers of fur – one undercoat of fluffy softness and a top coat of heavy guard hairs – work together to form a thermal layer.

Dogs with hair don’t have that advantage, and probably need a coat in cold weather whether they’re big dogs or small.

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Cold outside?

Little dogs – and any size dog that has with hair, not fur – all need protection.


In cold weather, all dogs need to wear a winter coat or heavy sweater.


Dogs with fur have a double coat, so they don’t need anything else to stay warm.

Big dogs don’t need a sweater or coat.


Some big dogs don’t have enough fur to keep warm.

In cold weather, all small dogs need a winter coat.


A sweater or coat is always a good idea for a small dog in cold weather

Dogs will get used to wearing clothes if you train them.


If your dog seems uncomfortable in clothes, NEVER force him to wear them

Clothes should fit snug on a dog, so they don’t fall off.


Snug clothes can make hair or fur mat and aren’t comfortable for the dog

Wearing clothes could harm your dog.


Being forced into clothes can make your dog anxious and aggressive.

Other Weather-Wise Wear

Raincoats, Slickers and UV Protection

In heavy rains, a raincoat or slickers can come in handy to keep your Morkie a little drier.

And with harmful rays on our minds today, you can get specially treated clothes that offer UV protection, so your dog’s skin doesn’t get sunburned.

And a regular tshirt or top can help protect against insect bites in summer, or allergies.

Ralph Lauren Dog Raincoat for the pup who has everything.


Hooded Dog Slicker Raincoat with Reflective Band, Amazon.

UV protection for your dog



Overheating in warm weather can be deadly for your dog; and the sun can also do serious burn damage, especially if you get your pup trimmed or shaved down. Sun protective clothing makes real sense in today’s warm world.  More at Amazon.

Just-for-fun Clothes for your Morkie

Pictured above, clothes from

Is there a place for just-for-fun clothes for a dog? 

Go Team Go!

Special Occasions Anyone?

Tailgating parties call for your team’s sport shirt, am I right?

And what about holidays like the 4th of July or Christmas? Don’t they call for a cute outfit?

The Pros and Cons

Dogs Wearing Clothes


  • in cold weather or pouring rain – some clothes can actually provide valuable protection for your dog.
  • some clothing can actually protect your dog from too much sun or from insects and allergies.
  • Because Halloween.
  • just for fun now and then, and if your dog doesn’t mind – why not?
  • People might mistake you for a movie star.


  • canine couture is silly.
  • dogs already have their own coats and can regulate their own temperature.
  • it’s demeaning and could even promote bad behavior (on your part or the dog’s??)
  • your dog isn’t a child; treating him like one can lead to Small Dog Syndrome.

The final word is yours:  what do you think? Should dogs wear clothes?