Scammers steal your Morkie – or pretend to be the parent of a lost Morkie – then quickly sell the little animal for a profit.  Designer dogs like Morkies are at extra risk!

lost dog single poster

From a story in The Telegraph Photo by Heathcliff O’Malley.


Broadcaster Katie Couric warns about a new trend – Dog Flipping, on her show. Criminals steal dogs, or claim lost dogs as their own, and then sell them online for a profit.

Dog Flipping is one of the most despicable crimes committed against animals – and their owners – and it’s on the rise.  In fact, TIME Magazine featured a story about Dog Flipping recently.   Broadcaster Katie Couric ran a segment on her show about it in July. She warns that experts like the ASPCA claim there are 7 Million Dogs and Cats are Lost Every Year to Pet Flipping! 

People actually make a living doing this, repeatedly stealing family pets, and then putting them on Kiijii or Craigslist and getting big money for them, especially small dogs and designer dogs.  And maybe worse — “Many of these pets are housed in puppy mill-like conditions until they can be flipped—no food or water, caged and sick,” Dawn Contos, of Indianapolis Animal Care and Control, said recently.

Protect yourself against dog flippers

What can you do to avoid being targeted?  

  1. Microchip your dog.  It won’t protect your dog from being stolen, but If he should go missing, you’ve got a better chance of getting him back and proving ownership.
  2. Never leave your dog unattended, outside a store, a coffee shop, in a park or even in a very large yard.  Dogs have been taken from their own homes!
  3. Don’t leave your dog alone in your car – it’s very dangerous health-wise, and Dog Flippers have been known to smash the car window and grab the dog.
  4. Get your dog spayed – female dogs that haven’t been “fixed” are HUGE targets since the thieves can sell the dog and her pups.

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