Halloween isn’t far off so it’s time to think about dog Halloween costumes for your Morkie. Did you know that 29 million pet lovers will dress their fur-babies up this Halloween according to the National Retail Federation?

From Ewoks to the latest DC comic characters, dogs costumes run the full range.

The top three dog Halloween costumes for 2019 are:










After these, popular costumes include the Bumble Bee, Lion, Devil, and Shark.

Dogs dressed as cats, and cats dressed as dogs are also popular in multi-pet households.

CNN recently picked the ‘best’ dog costumes for 2019 and they included a BACON COSTUME for dogs, matching dog and cat TACO COSTUMES, the PUPPY LATTE costume and the UPS DELIVERY DOG.

The dog-as-a-hot-dog costume is always a fave for dog lovers


hot dog costumes for dogs

Top Dog Halloween Costumes for 2019

And no, Candy Corn isn't good for dogs.

It’s not nearly as bad as chocolate or candies with nuts, but candy corn is just too much sugar for your little Morkie.

One of Halloween's favorite candies is almost 100% sugar.

Over 35 million pounds of Candy Corn is made every year for Halloween int he United States but it’s no longer the #1 favorite candy.

That honor goes to M&Ms, overwhelming favorite Halloween candy in 2019. M&Ms get out last year’s #1, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, KitKat (#3) and Snickers #4.

Candy corn has plummeted to #5 in popularity.

Candy corn is made from sugar, corn syrup, confectioner’s glazes, salt, dextrose, gelatine, sesame oil, artificial flavor, honey, yellow 6, yellow 5 and red 3. It also contains gelatin.


More tips to keep your Morkie safe on Halloween


Dog stress is real on Halloween. If your Morkie doesn’t want to wear a costume, then let him off the hook. Some dogs don’t mind at all but others are anxious and annoyed.

Keep your Morkie safe from dashing out the door when it rings… and rings… and rings. Like July 4th fireworks, Halloween activities can scare dogs and make them run away. The constant door opening is a temptation that’s just too much for some dogs, so keep them safely away from the front door on Halloween.

Chocolate is always a big no-no for dogs. Small dogs are at higher danger because of their size. Chocolate is made with caffeine, bad for dogs and their hearts, but theobromine in chocolate is the real culprit. We can metabolize it quickly but dogs can’t so it can quickly build to toxic levels in a dog’s system. Just half an ounce of dark chocolate can be enough to KILL YOUR MORKIE!

If your Morkie gets over-excited at Halloween, the result can be vomiting, diarrhea, submissive urination or even aggression. Keep your Morkie calm – and safe.