Including your dog in your wedding is becoming more and more popular. In fact, lots of us love having a dog ring bearer. Here are some tips to make it all go smoothly.

Ways to include your Morkie in your wedding

Besides the popular role of dog ring bearer, here are some other ways you can include your Morkie in your wedding. Naturally, your Morkie should be comfortable around lots of people including kids.


  • Pup of Honor — Walk your Morkie down the aisle with the wedding party. You’ll probably want to use a leash; decorate it to fit your wedding theme.
  • Flower Dog — Your Morkie could carry a small bouquet on a ring pillow, carefully fastened to her back.
  • Honored Guest — If your Morkie is shy, give him a place of honor in the front row, sitting with someone he’s familiar with.

Don't forget to check that your venue allows dogs



What to bring if your Morkie will be at your wedding:

  • a pet sitter
  • wedding day attire
  • a secure place for the rings
  • leash and collar with tags – decorate the leash for an extra touch
  • food, water, and poop bags

Safety Tip

A number of flowers are toxic to dogs, including Lilies and Baby’s Breath. Check the full list here on the ASPCA site.


If your dog can’t be part of the actual wedding, consider:

  • including her in the engagement pictures
  • featuring her as part of the theme on the wedding stationery
  • showcasing her as one of the figures on the cake

Dog on wedding cake

Cake Decor Photo by Jenny DeMarco

dog topper on wedding cake

Rachael Buckley Weddings


If your Morkie can’t take part in your wedding, consider including him on some of the wedding stationery.

Feature your dog on some of the wedding stationery

Include your Morkie in the traditional ‘bridesmaids on a bed’ photo

Bridesmaids on the bed photo, with dog

What your dog should wear to the wedding

beautiful lace wedding dress for dog


wedding party, including dog

 from Hudson Valley Magazine

Yorkie in wedding dress

Available at

What the best-dressed Morkies are wearing

How about donations to your favorite pet charity instead of wedding or shower gifts?

Harry & Meghan started the ball rolling by asking for donations to their charities instead of gifts. 

Charitable donations instead of gifts

Tips to make it work, from


Set your registry up early. From the moment you announce your engagement, friends and family will want to send you gifts.

Make sure you set up your charitable wedding registry (or any registry) early before guests can start shopping.


Include a card with details about your registry with your wedding invitation. It’s good wedding etiquette not to mention gifts on the invitation itself.

However, you could pop in a separate card with a message about why you are choosing charitable donations instead of gifts and including the URL for your charitable wedding registry. Include it on your wedding website too.


Give options. If your guests would like to give to a charity on your behalf, great! However, it’s good to recognize that some may not, and to give them other options (the same goes with any registry — options are important!).

Another couple, who had their dog in their wedding, were able to raise more than $15,000 for the Humane Society of New York.

For Those Who Have It All, Charitable Wedding Registries