Bella ecuDoes anyone REALLY brush their dog’s teeth?

Well apparently they don’t according to a recent survey, despite the fact that we all know it’s a good idea. In fact if you’ve had a bill for dental services from your vet, you know it’s a great idea!

And doggie breath can be absolutely life-threatening too.  According to the popular website “doggie breath” is NOT “normal”. It’s a sign that there’s an infection in your dog’s mouth, which can easily spread through the bloodstream to the heart, lungs, or kidneys, where it can literally kill your dog.

The 3 top reasons for not brushing your dog’s teeth:

  1. it’s disgusting
  2. I’m afraid i’ll get bitten
  3. my dog hates it

Here’s how to make it easier to brush your Morkie’s teeth

  • First take it slow and don’t get stressed out. Your dog will sense it and stress too.Try for twice a week at first and see if you can eventually up that to daily.
  • Don’t expect to do a thorough job the first, second or even the fifth time. Just take it nice and easy.
  • Let your Morkie keep his jaws shut while you brush, until she’s more comfortable with the process – this could take a couple of weeks.

This great YouTube video shows you how:

Use the right stuff

NO PEOPLE TOOTHPASTE… unless you yourself use chicken-flavoured canine paste.  An alternative is Virgin Coconut Oil (called VGO in health food stores). It’s antibacterial, antiviral, and works really well to maintain oral health. And who doesn’t love coconut?

A small rubber ‘finger brush’ is ideal or get a dog toothbrush for tiny breeds. Here’s a regular brush or a set of finger brushes you can order from

If your Morkie eventually LIKES having his teeth brushed (hey it’s all attention, right) then you won’t be bitten. And what’s more disgusting that messing around in a dog’s mouth? Seeing horrible, discoloured dog teeth that stink 🙁  So give it a try – it’s REALLY important

Two Q&Asquestion mark with speech bubble icons

What about dental sprays you read about, like Plaque Attack?

Experts are divided on this one. Owners who have tried these products seem to like them.  Plack Attack Spray for example, has earned 4 out of 5 stars in Amazon reviews by 188 customers.  Not bad.

There’s a similar product on called Dr. George’s Plaque Blast Dog and Cat Oral Spray, which has also earned high marks from customers.

However products like this get a big thumbs-down on They suggest there are other options that DO work (brushing).

Since the product is 100% natural and the main ingredient being grapefruit seed extract so it’s safe enough although the product site says your dog might have a little bit of diarrhea simply because this is a ‘change in diet.’

How effective is hard to say – best way to tell is your own eyes. How do your Morkie’s teeth look after a few weeks? (I always find it’s a good idea to take a quick picture before and after to compare, so I’m  not relying on my own memory as to how it looked).

My Morkie eats kibble. Isn’t that enough to keep her teeth clean?

I dunno; you eat potato chips. Does that keep your teeth clean?

Really, it’s just as crazy.  Crispy or hard food cannot remove the film that collects on teeth as we eat.

That film in turn causes the tartar and plaque build up. So you need a true brushing to get it off, along with professional cleaning for your dog every couple of years (provided your Morkie’s teeth are in good shape in between – otherwise it could be more often).