Here’s a roundup of dog Christmas stuff…. It’s that time of year, when dogs can get a picture taken with Santa! Take your Morkie to see Santa and enjoy the picture forever. Just google “santa for dogs near me” or check with your local humane society or Petsmart.

And yes, you CAN buy an ugly Christmas sweater for  your Morkie. Or a Santa suit – read on!


WOW! That’s a lotta dogs… and people. Santa Paws visits holistic healer, Dr. Judy Morgan and her gang.

Ugly Christmas sweaters, anyone?

YES! You can get ugly Christmas sweaters for dogs!

Awwww, it’s kinda cute 🙂

Available at


OK Yeah, ugly

Also at

THESE are cute dog Christmas sweaters, or are they??

All are available online at or check your local pet store. (Click image for link)


From  Check this site, they have lots of cute stuff including boots for your Morkie in winter.

Ugly or not, Christmas sweaters can be warm and cosy for your Morkie too.


Ugly plus tacky, Christmas sweater for your Morkie!

Here’s how shows you how to make this – start with a basic sweater and then bling it out. They recommend Tulip Fabric paint, fabric glue, pom poms and Christmas candy embellishments. And some rhinestones… why not!

They also show an awesome Winter Wonderland DIY dog sweater.

How about a Santa Suit for your Morkie?

Pretty cute! And just $10.99

Or this adorable Holiday Santa harness/dress 

Made with 100% acrylic material for ease of care and durability.

Fun, comfortable, and easy to wear.

Beautiful bright colors, hand-wash recommended.

$11.99 at Amazon.

Well  made:

Two more styles: