All dogs need dental care but especially little ones like Morkies. Their teeth are jammed together so food, plaque and tartar gather. Eventually that causes painful loose teeth, abscesses and failing teeth. So while you’re brushing your Morkie’s teeth here are some dental factoids to ponder.

How many teeth do dogs have?

dogs have

We have 32 permanent teeth (plus 4 wisdom teeth). Puppies have 28 baby teeth; our babies have 20.


When do puppies lose their baby teeth?

By about 4 months, puppies have lost all their baby teeth and permanent teeth have begun to sprout. By 6 months, all their permanent teeth have appeared.

Teething is a tough time. One solution: cut an old washcloth in 4. Wet the pieces, twist them and freeze.



Do dogs regrown broken teeth?

Um, no. That’s sharks.

shark teeth


Can you tell how old a dog is from his teeth?

Um, no. That’s tree rings. But seriously, some vets claim they can look at the amount of wear on an adult dog’s teeth to guesstimate his age.


tree rings


Do dogs get cavities?

Rarely, although it can happen. Dogs are much more likely to chip or break teeth, chewing on something too hard (deer antlers anyone?) or from an injury.

Broken or fractured teeth need Veterinarian care right away. The pulpy part of the tooth, when exposed, is a direct line for deadly germs to travel into the blood stream. Plus, your Morkie likely has lots of pain from a broken off or fractured tooth. Sometimes there are no symptoms, other itms you’ll see things like:

  • Flinching when the mouth or tooth is touched
  • Drooling
  • Trouble eating or refusing to eat
  • Chewing only on one side of the mouth
  • Bloody saliva
  • Unusually irritable



Does kibble help a dog’s teeth? What about treats like chew sticks, biscuits and “greenies”?

There’s a lot of controversy among experts around the benefits of kibble for your dog’s teeth. On one hand, there is some abrasion involved in eating kibble, especially compared to a diet of soft canned food. Fact is, kibble is loaded with carbs, so they can actually increase plaque and tartar levels… and cause more dental problems than they supposedly prevent.

Rawhide chew sticks, or manufactured sticks like Nutro Treats or Blue Buffalo chews, are recalled so often for salmonella among other dangers, that I avoid them altogether. They’re just nasty.

Some gels, sprays, special chews like the green mini toothbrush – can’t hurt, don’t count on them as the only solution to doggy dental woes.


How can I tell if my dog has tooth decay or problems?

In a word, ok two words: bad breath.

Discoloured teeth, especially at the gum line, and horrible doggy breath, are two signs your Morkie needs a professional scaling and cleaning of his teeth.


doggy breath