SAD WET DOGThere’s an old saying, “you can’t control what happens to you… only how to respond.”

I kept telling myself that over and over, during the past two months, as I tried to get a grip on my anger and despair. You see, my websites about Morkies, Yorkies and Maltese dogs were hacked. The more I tried to fix things, the deeper I sunk into techno-babble like “broken authentication, session management attacks, technical cross site scripting” and worse.


I just wanted to share my love for and enthusiasm about these wonderful little dogs.

But as it turned out, someone wanted to make a few pennies thanks to my hard work, instead. Some hacker sitting in his mom’s basement (it gives me comfort to think this) unleashed nasty little bots (robots) that inserted periods all over my blogs. These periods were teeny, tiny little links to merchandise knock off sites. Like $29.99 genuine Prada purses and Nike shoes cheap.

The good news for readers like you — google and other search engines have superb weaponry to fight these spammers. So your computer and data are never in danger. Instead, the sites where spam is suspected, are closed down fast until the owner can prove that they’re clean and sober once again.

So yes, I’m back. Probably no wiser, but perhaps a little more cautious. Just gotta do like the song says —



Thank you everyone for your continued loyalty!