Here are 10 ways to make your Morkie photos better and more interesting.

Morkie and big dog

Note how this superb picture follows all the rules.

  1. Take lots and lots of pictures – for every 100 shots you take, expect to get 2 or 3 great ones.
  2. Pick a time when he’s relaxed, even tired out.
  3. Take pictures of your Morkie in his natural surroundings. If your Morkie spends all his time sitting on the couch, then that is the best place to take the photos.
  4. Let your dog sniff out the camera. Don’t hesitate to bribe him with treats and use a squeaky toy held up beside the camera to get his attention.
  5. Get down to your Morkie’s level. Photos from above can make him look like a dwarf.
  6. Outside photos are great on a shady or overcast day – sunlight makes the picture harsh, with hard shadows.
  7. Check the background – no telephone poles or trees “growing” out of your dog’s head.
  8. Avoid using a flash – your dog will get weird demon-possession eyes and his fur will look washed out.
  9. Pick Sports mode if you have the choice on your camera. Sports mode uses a faster shutter speed to “freeze” the subject. If your dog is moving around, a slow shutter speed might leave you with a blurry picture. Plus, Sports mode will use a special focusing system that constantly adjusts the focus of the camera. Without this, the camera focuses once and locks that way. If your focus is locked on your pet and he or she moves, you’ll end up with out-of-focus pictures.
  10. Remember “the law of thirds” – which says basically, don’t center your subject.