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Maltese-Yorkshire terrier MORKIES wait their turn to have their coats cleaned after the Brant County SPCA rescued 19 of them from a Paris-area home last summer. (Brian Thompson, The Expositor)

Remember the approximately EIGHTY-EIGHT small dogs that were rescued last summer near Paris, Ontario? (read more on this post  19 of those poor little guys were MORKIES!

They were in truly deplorable condition.  In fact one of the animal workers said he had never seen such a dreadful puppy mill.  In the follow up blog some weeks later, you’ll see that all the dogs were doing much better.

And now, nearly a year later these owners and their rescued Morkies came together for a reunion of sorts at the brant County SPCA shelter where they were originally taken.

Hardly recognizable!

“It’s just lovely to see them and the love that people have given them,” commented Volunteer Lucia Smolarz. “For how those dogs came in, in such bad shape…and to see how far they’ve come and how much love they are providing.”

These pictures tell the story – enjoy!

white fluff ranch

Photo by Sean Allen, Brant News Owners and their adopted Morkies that were rescued from an alleged puppy mill north of Paris last July got together for a reunion on Sunday at the Brant County SPCA’s open house.

Photo by Sean Allen, Brant News Brant County SPCA volunteer Lucia Smolarz, executive director Robin Kuchma and staff member Niki Melo pose with Niki Jr., one of the rescued Morkies.




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