Is it OK to keep deadly snakes as pets? What happens when these snakes go missing? There are gruesome stories of small dogs eaten by snakes, even small children killed by them!

Everyone’s been horrified by the terrible story of two little boys killed by a giant python in New Brunswick, Canada. The family live above their pet store, which sells reptiles. One huge snake – a boa constrictor – got loose, worked its way through the ductwork, and killed the children while they slept.

And there are so many gruesome stories of snakes eating small dogs on sensationalist sites like YouTube.

Is keeping deadly snakes as pets, responsible?

Pet store snakes kill two young boys in their sleep!


Family keeps 7 foot long boat constrictor as pet – and he’s a Veterinarian!

While there’s no comparison in the gravity of the situation, there’s a Veterinarian in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (just southwest of Philadelphia) who’s missing his 7 foot long boa constrictor! 

“The snake is just one of many pets in the household, which includes children, two cats and Rudi, a tiny Morkie dog.”

The owner/Veterinarian says:  “The pets get along famously”….but Snakey (the boa constrictor) eats rats.  Hmmmm, rats can weigh as much as 1 pound and Rudi the Morkie is described as very small.

After discovering that his pet was missing, Spiegel filed a missing snake report with the borough police department. He told the responding officer he had searched his home and property, but could not find his pet. When “his pet” is a deadly snake, it seems pretty irresponsible.

Are people crazy or is it me?

Who would want a pet snake that’s 7 feet long??? Especially when you have other pets in the home who are potential food for the snake?

Pawnation, a well-respected website, has an article about the danger of boas and children – let alone small dogs!  Snake bits are very, very dangerous – often deadly – for small dogs as the site points out (the boa doesn’t usually bite however; preferring to strangle its victims).

What do you think? Am I just suffering from a huge attack of ophidiophobia – a phobic fear of snakes, or do you agree? Weigh in.