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Small Dog Reference


Groom your Morkie at Home in Just Minutes a Day

Why settle for a puppy cut?

Instead, enjoy your Morkie’s exceptionally beautiful coat, a combination of colours from the parents, the Maltese dog and the Yorkshire Terrier.

By persevering with your Morkie for just a few minutes every day, you can easily groom him yourself, and keep his hair long, flowing and luxurious, the way it was meant to be.

You’ll learn:

  • the truth about commerical shampoos, and how to make your own natural shampoo
  • how to clean your Morkie’s ears (hint: NO Q-tips)
  • safely get rid of those stains under his eyes
  • how to brush your dog’s teeth so he doesn’t mind (too much)
  • what equipment you need for grooming at home
  • removing mats and tangles
  • the clean-up trim – not a puppy cut
  • how to do the top knot …and lots more
Downloadable Kindle book; complete with illustrations

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More about this Kindle ebook

Title:Groom your Morkie at Home in Just Minutes a Day
Author:Small dog expert Deb Gray
Publisher:Letter 27 Communications Business Ltd.
Format:Kindle ebook
# of pages:115








This book helped me learn to groom my Morkie myself at home, and to be able to keep her hair long. I don’t like puppy cuts at all so I’m glad to see from this book that it is not that hard to keep her coat long by following these recommendations. This book provided good details on shampoos, scissors and other equipment, and ow to go about various parts of grooming including bathing, nails, cleaning eye area, ears and more. However it is not for people who want to clip their Morkie down close because it doesn’t show that. This book had a lot of extra information about Morkies as well. Very helpful and recommended.

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More about this ebook

Title: Groom your Morkie at Home in Just Minutes a Day

Author: Small dog expert Deb Gray

Format: Kindle ebook

ISBN: 978-0-9879996-9-6

Publisher: Letter 27 Communications Business Ltd.

Publishing Date:   2016

# of pages: 115


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