Time to find the big turkey roasting pan, the extra pie plates and more…. it’s Thanksgiving in Canada today, with food, fun and family. But there are some things to watch out for if you have a Morkie.

Dash N Dine

At events like Thanksgiving, your Morkie can easily slip out the door with company coming and going. His absence might not even be noticed at first. While your guests are arriving or leaving, keep your Morkie in a quiet room away from the action.

Fatty food

Leftovers that are too greasy can give your Morkie diarrhea. A dog that gets into leftover turkey for example, can be in real trouble – bones, greasy meat, string and fatty gravy are a certain prescription for diarrhea or worse.

Dogs aren’t used to the amount of fat in a turkey or ham, along with the gravy. And if dogs get fatty foods too often they can actually develop pancreatitis, a painful inflammation of the pancreas. This organ is vital in helping digest food and control blood sugar. And needless to say, ALL BONES ARE A NO-NO FOR DOGS.


This Yorkie has had too many Thanksgiving treats.

Snacks like nuts

Macadamias, the delicious buttery nuts from Hawaii and Australia are THE worst thing for a dog. Why? They contain an unknown toxin that causes severe neurological problems – meaning they attack the nervous system.

So your dog may appear drunk, staggering all over; or he may lose his ability to walk (temporarily or permanently!) Severe vomiting and weakness can also be symptoms. If you suspect your Morkie has eaten macadamia nuts, see the Vet at once.

More Nuts to Avoid

Best to avoid all nuts for your Morkie.

Best to avoid all nuts for your Morkie.

Almonds aren’t as dangerous or deadly but they can cause a lot of digestive upset for your Morkie, along with the possibility of choking.

Pistachios are “OK” except if they are mouldy –and this type of nut is susceptible to mould. Not enough for us to notice, let alone affect us but for a small dog, they can mean trouble.

Cashews and Brazil nuts don’t contain anything particularly poisonous to dogs but they ARE high in fat which can lead to obesity and even kick start pancreatitis in your Morkie.

Walnuts are not only responsible for severe digestive illness in dogs, they can obstruct the bowel, leading to very serious problems. Plus, they’re one of “the mouldies.” (Black Walnuts are just as bad for dogs.)

Pecans are bad for dogs because, according to to the website they can cause aflatoxin poisoning — whose symptoms include “loss of appetite, lethargy, vomiting, coloured urine and jaundice, liver failure, blood-tinged vomit and bloody or blackened stools.”

The Cure for Digestive Problems

canned-pumpkinOne cure-all for your Morkie with an upset tummy is pumpkin. Not pie, and not pie filling but just canned pumpkin with nothing else added. It’s good for diarrhea AND constipation and is nutritious and filling for your sick Morkie.

It’s a great idea to keep a can on hand.