A new study shows that helicopter parents, harmful to a child’s development, are actually not so bad when it comes to dogs!

helicopoter pet parentsA survey of 1,000 pet owners, conducted by UC Berkeley and California State University, shows that pet parents who tend to be overprotective and anxious about their animals, actually make the best pet parents. They are more careful about the pet’s health and well-being, checking things like food very carefully.

Children of helicopter parents tend to be snowflakes

When you’re a helicopter parent to your kids, they seem to turn out very clingy and extremely reliant on their parents. They lack confidence and the independent spirit to strike out on their own when the time comes. They can be very needy and overly sensitive, hence the nickname “Snowflake Generation.”

Helicopter PET parents

This group is often home more with their pets, so dogs have a regular routine and don’t need to act out for attention.

However, warns professional trainer and writer Shannon Coyner, pet parents CAN cause Separation Anxiety is they are too involved with their pet. She says we should make a point of going out at least once a day, increasing the time gradually, so that the dog doesn’t become neurotically attached to them. Dogs with separation anxiety exhibit a number of negative behaviours, including excessive barking, chewing, scratching and generally destroying their surroundings in their discomfort.



It’s great to be protective about your Morkie, but don’t go overboard and create Separation Anxiety in him.



When you’re home, don’t go overboard “entertaining” your Morkie all the time. Let him learn to play on his own, and definitely start basic training early, teaching him sit, down, come and stay.


Take the test yourself

You’ll find an online copy  here at psychologytoday.com – https://www.psychologytoday.com/test/3265  It takes about 20 minutes to complete but will give you some insights into your attachment style.