chinese food dogsHope you’ve eaten, because right now in Yulin City, China, they’re getting ready for a big dinner – the annual dog meat festival.  More than 15,000 dogs are slaughtered, skinned, butchered, cooked and enjoyed to mark the beginning of summer.

And before that happens, the dogs are kept in unspeakably cruel conditions and killed inhumanely.  It just doesn’t get any worse.

At you can read about some of the ways you can protest this wanton cruelty – from signing petitions, to boycotting goods from China.

If we eat cows why can’t they eat dogs?

paris puppy mill 3

Dogs are crammed into cages like these for days on end, waiting for crude slaughter at the market.




Good question, and maybe we should be asking ourselves just how different it really is.  But for most people, eating a ‘member of the family’ is a slippery slope. Who’s next? Homeless kids? Old people who were feeling suicidal anyway?

NO ANIMAL – barnyard or family friend – deserves this horrible treatment and ghastly death. And in my book, no civilized society can enjoy what we’ve all designated as an animal companion and helper, in a festive atmosphere of gluttony and cruelty.

Please, step up and do what you can to protest.