We get lots of questions about the size of full grown Morkies. The answer varies, depending on the adults. But here’s some information on how big a full grown Morkie is, and how to figure out how big your Morkie puppy will likely be.

Meet the Morkie

Morkies are the result of breeding a purebred Yorkshire Terrier with a purebred Maltese dog.  Now that Morkies are more popular, they’re also the result of breeding one Morkie to another.

Second, third and fourth generation Morkies are being bred together. However, there is still no standard or ideal coloring for Morkies who are a combination of the Maltese’s pure white coat, and the Yorkie’s brown, black and “blue” hair.

More About Yorkies

Yorkies are active, bright little dogs with very big personalities. In fact, they need plenty of socialization and training to keep that big personality on track or they can become too assertive and even bossy.

Though small, the Yorkshire Terrier is active, loves attention and is protective of his owners. The Yorkie is no lapdog.

More About Maltese

Like the Yorkie, the Maltese features a beautiful, flowing coat – but pure white. No other colors are allowed in a purebred Maltese.

Bred thousands of years ago, Maltese dogs were developed to be pampered lapdogs, and they take that job seriously. They are among the most gentle of all dogs, and are sweet natured and affectionate. Maltese are the ideal companion – loyal, vigorous and devoted.

About "Breed Standards"

The American Kennel Club, or AKC, was founded by just 12 people in 1884 in Philadelphia. The group met to talk about dog breeds, set standards for them, and to run dog shows and exhibits. 

Today, kennel clubs all around the world set detailed standards about each of their recognized breeds. 

In the USA, there are 193 recognoized breeds, including the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese. The Morkie is not a registered breed.

To read more about the breed standards for Yorkies, click here. And here for Maltese breed standards.

weight of yorkies and maltese

Here’s what the Breed Standards say about weight


The AKC Breed Standards for Maltese call for dogs which are under 7 pounds, with from 4 to 6 pounds preferred. However, Overall quality is to be favored over size.

Here’s how the body of a Maltese is described:

Body: Compact, the height from the withers to the ground equaling the length from the withers to the root of the tail. Shoulder blades are sloping, the elbows well knit and held close to the body. The back is level in topline, the ribs well sprung. The chest is fairly deep, the loins taut, strong, and just slightly tucked up underneath.

For the Yorkshire Terrier, the  Standards say, “Weight: Must not exceed seven pounds.”  The Yorkie is shaped a little differently than the Maltese:

Body: Well proportioned and very compact. The back is rather short, the backline level, with height at shoulder the same as at the rump.

A full grown Morkie should be under 7 pounds, likely 4 to 6 pounds.

But QUALITY – a healthy, sturdy dog – is preferred over size.

Can your Morkie be “too small?”


Far from being preferred, so called Teacup dogs are actually runts, usually sickly. The worst part – they don’t live as long as a proper sized dog.

Disadvantages of dogs that are too small

Dogs that are smaller than they should be, are vulnerable in 5 ways:

    1. First, teacups have more health problems in general. They are more sensitive to potential hazards around the house; for example, a jump from the couch can break a leg. Plus small dogs often suffer from chronic diarrhea.
    2. A super-small dog faces higher risks if an operation is needed, even common neutering.
    3. Very small dogs are harder to potty train. Their bladders are that much smaller and owners say it takes at least 6 months to housetrain a teacup.
    4. Teacups normally need a lot of attention and can’t be left alone for a long period of time. They need food more often – 3 or 4 meals a day minimum. They can be high strung and are more prone to separation anxiety.
    5. Teacups don’t live as long. Most toy dogs live 14 or more years but teacups typically live just 5 or 6 years.

How big will YOUR Morkie puppy be?

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