Fry eggs, not paws – from

We know that cars get too hot for animals very quickly… but don’t forget asphalt!

How to quickly tell if the pavement is too hot for paws?  Press the back of your hand firmly against the asphalt for 7 seconds – this is how hot it will be to your dog’s paws.

If the air is just 85 degrees (that’s 30 Celsius) and the sun is shining, you CAN fry an egg on the pavement – in just 3 minutes!  So just imagine your Morkie’s little paws.

Summer tips for you and your Morkie

1. Avoid mid day sun and heat – try to take your walks early in the day.  Even early in the evening, the pavement, asphalt or sand can still be very hot from the daytime sun.

2.  Lots and lots of water.  For drinking and even splashing around. Try a little kiddie pool (hard plastic of course) with a few inches of water for your Morkie and watch the fun begin!


3.  Watch out for all hot surfaces, including sand, gravel, decks, docks, boats and even your car seats. Bring a spare towel to throw down if you can’t avoid these dangers.

too hot for spot

4.  Watch out for signs of heatstroke – which include excessive panting, drooling, weakness, shortness of breath an even collapsing.

5.  No air conditioning? If you’re leaving your Morkie all day, consider investing in a fan.

And of course, do not leave your dog in the car.  Ever.

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