maltese and cat

If your Morkie is eating the cat’s food as well as his own, chances are he’s getting overweight!

Here’s the last in the series… how many CALORIES your Morkie, Yorkie or Maltese needs a day.

How many calories a day does my Morkie need?

It’s a complex question, depending on the dog’s health, environment, age, exercise level and other factors including RER or what scientists call “Resting Energy Requirements.”

Always check with your Vet, but as a rule of thumb, for a healthy ADULT Morkie who gets moderate exercise you can use this formula:

Part 1

  • divide his ideal weight (in pounds) by 2.2 to convert pounds to kilograms;
  • then multiply that number by 30;
  • add 70 for the number of calories your Morkie needs per day, plus….

Part 2

THEN… apply the appropriate MULTIPLIER

  • for typical neutered dogs – 1.6
  • for unneutered dogs – 1.8
  • to lose weight – 1
  • for weight gain – 1.7
  • if less than 4 months old – 3

So for a 4 lb. spayed Morkie – 

  • part 1 is (4 / 2.2) x 30 + 70 = 125 calories
  • part 2 is 125 x 1.6 = 199 calories a day

Calorie chart for dogs