Rule #1 Be consistent!go potty sm

In my last post, we talked about choosing just one method to potty train your Morkie. Train him to go either inside or outside but you can’t mix them up.  Inside, you can try litter training, use puppy pee pads or even newspaper. Outside simply find a spot and consistently take your Morkie puppy there.



Rule #2  Be consistent with feeding times too

  • if you want to potty train your Morkie more easily, feed him at the same time every day. Dogs like Morkies, Yorkies or Maltese, should be fed three times a day to avoid low blood sugar shock or hypoglycemia.
  • usually, they will have to go within 10 to 20 minutes of eating, as well as upon rising and before bedtime
  • in between, if you see your Morkie is anxious or is looking around and sniffing, be sure to take him out or to his papers right way or outside – whichever method you’ve chosen

Rule #3   Be lavish in your praise

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Praise for your Morkie for going potty in the right place

Give your Morkie plenty of praise, and avoid all old school, cruel training like whacking the dog with a newspaper. That just makes it much harder to potty train your Morkie.

  • never, ever rub your dog’s nose in a “mistake.” Never use her name in a “no” statement like “No, no! Bad Bella. Bad dog.” Just a firm, “no no no” will do.
  • swatting your Morkie with a rolled up paper is definitely not the way to do it
  • all these negatives will leave your pup confused and upset
  • instead, focus on all the times your little Morkie does do well, and give her lots of praise, using her name and keeping your tone positive


One trainer, dog expert Sharda Baker, suggests a great idea; even when your dog is fully trained, continue to reinforce the behavior. 

When your dog is actually going, repeat your phrase or use “Go potty.” That will cement the Morkie’s behavior thanks to this additional bit of positive reinforcement.


praise your morkie for going potty


Although there are challenges specific to potty training a small dog — and Morkie puppies are no exception —  it IS possible to overcome these hurdles and have a happy, healthy and potty-trained toy dog!