It’s almost Halloween and if you’re like 29 million other Americans, you’re planning to dress up your pet. According to the National Retail Federation, those pet costumes will cost consumers $490 million. That’s about double what people spent on costumes for their pets in 2010, just 9 years ago.

If you want to be part of the excitement but don’t have a costume yet, here are some low budget, last-minute ideas to make a Halloween costume for your Morkie.

Low budget, last minute costume ideas for your Morkie

Meet the “Purebred” Morkie!

There are two ways to do this. The first is super easy but it won’t last long.

Cut out the middle, soft part of a piece of bread, just big enough for your Morkie’s face to come through. Ta-da! That’s it.



Turn your Morkie into a “Purebred Wonder Morkie” with this easy-to-make costume.

You’ll need:

  • an empty Wonder bread wrapper
  • a sheet of lightweight, white Bristol board
  • a bit of string or ribbon

This costume is beautifully made with fabric, but you can repurpose a plain old Wonderbread wrapper to make a quick version.

Get an empty Wonder Bread wrapper and cut it lengthwise along the bottom. Lay it out flat on a table, and cut some white Bristol board (lightweight) to fit, leaving about 3” of bread wrapper at end, with no Bristol board. 

how to make a wonder dog

The beautiful  Wonder Bread costume picture abo0ve features square off ends like a real loaf of bread, but we’re just going to leave some extra bag and tie it off. 

Now fold the wrapper/board so that the loaf is squared up on your Morkie. If your dog is really small, cut the Bristol board smaller, leaving more bag at each end.


To finish your costume, just use the string or ribbon to tie off each end.  This version doesn’t use the white Bristol board liner, but I think it looks better white. 


More quick ideas

The ever-pupular Ghost Dog

Simply cut a piece of white fabric to fit around your Morkie (don’t leave anything trailing), and cut out eye holes. You’ll probably need to keep it in place with white ribbon, one piece tied around the body and one tied around the neck.

hersheys kisses costume

The Hershey’s Kisses Doggy

You just need lots of aluminum foil and a name strip for “Hershey’s”

Be sure to leave your Morkie’s legs and feet outside the foil so he can walk.


Need a quick template for the paper strip that says KISSES?  Here’s one to print yourself.


template for kisses

Giant Loofah Puppy

I LOVE this one and it’s so simple.  All you need is lots of Tulle (netting fabric) in blue or any other color that strikes you, and a piece of white rope.  

Run a heavy thread along the long end of the Tulle fabric, then pull it tight to gather the fabric and make it curly. Fasten the thread off then wrap the fabric around your Morkie. Anchor a piece of white rope in the middle with a safety pin.

giant loofah costume

Watchdog Morkie!

Draw a watch face yourself on the back of a paper plate, add a big wide watchband and then attach an elastic and put it around your Morkie. Or download a cool-looking watch face from the web and print it out. Mount on light card and attach it to your Morkie with a band.

No time? Print this Morkie Time watch face.

Minnie Morkie

You’ll need some felt, in red, black and white to make the ears and the beautiful bow.  Add some netting, gathered into a skirt for the final touch.


Here are some specific recommendations: 

minnie mouse costume

angel or devil

Good or Bad Dog?

Gold pipe cleaners are perfect for making a halo; use red felt to cut out devil’s horns. 

Attach with elastic.

Lion King… or Queen 

Make a collar out of a strip of brown felt, measured to your Morkie’s neck plus 4″.

Then glue loops of felt in different browns, to the collar with a hot glue gun.

Glue on some velcro to close the collar once it’s on your little king or queen.

lion puppys.

harry potter

Harry Paw-ter

Pipe cleaners make good geeky glasses here (don’t forget the lightning bolt) and a necktie or orange and brown scarf add up to the perfect little Harry Potter.


Here’s another version:

another harry potter costume

And my fave - the Beany Baby Morkie

How about you? Got your Morkie’s costume ready yet? Please share!

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