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Maltese mix information book, all about Morkies

All About Morkies: 50 Best Blog Posts

Best Morkie ebook for unbiased information

Want to know more about your Morkie? Whether you’re thinking about getting a Morkie or you’re an experienced owner, this book is for you. You’ll get valuable Morkie information from 50 of this site’s most-visited blog posts, including —

  • Dogs that don’t shed – fact or fiction?
  • Can Morkies eat people food?
  • Top 10 reasons to neuter your Morkie
  • Rethinking rawhide chews
  • The name game: dog food’s misleading labels
  • The #1 potty training mistake
  • Your Morkie and separation anxiety

Morkie information that’s helpful and fun to read

Tips, helpful advice and essential info about the adorable Yorkie-Maltese blend, put together from popular blogs at this site.  Clear, easy-to-understand style.

All about Morkies like this cutie

Whether you’re thinking about getting a Morkie, or you’re an experienced owner

You’ll enjoy this collection of 50 of the most-visited blog posts from this site.

Topics range from Morkie care, grooming, feeding and behaviour, to training, travelling and more. Valuable Morkie information you need to raise a happy, healthy dog.

Maltese mix information, table of contents
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Morkie information ebook

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The best Morkie blog out there - now gathered in a single book!

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More about this KINDLE ebook

Title:All About Morkies: 50 Best Blog Posts
Author:small dog expert Deb Gray
Publisher:Letter 27 Business Communications Ltd.
Format:KINDLE ebook
# of pages:186

This is a quick read with insightful information on the Morkie. I especially liked the guidance provided on dog food, outlining the extent of issues with some commercial options (shudder). Would highly recommend to anyone considering adopting a morkie, or those who already have a morkie in their family (as I learned a thing or two).

This book is FULL of helpful and fun information on how to care for your small dog (and a lot of it is great info for any dog owner, too). It takes what could be a really overwhelming topic and narrows it down into the most important points; the author even includes links and sources for you to do more research on your own if you’d like. I’d highly recommend this for anyone who has a dog or is thinking about getting one!

I will soon be the proud owner of a Morkie. This book was so helpful. I learned about the special needs of this breed. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to take very good care of their Morkie. I will use this as a reference for a long time. I didn’t find what age to have her neutered or chipped.

Book covers wide variety of subjects and has great information on food and immunizations. I learned a lot more than I anticipated.

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More about this book

Title:  All About Morkies: 50 Best Blog Posts

Author:  small dog expert Deb Gray

Format:  KINDLE ebook

ISBN:  978-1-988290-03-4

Publisher: Letter 27 Business Communications Ltd.Publishing Date:

# of pages: 186

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