honey-the-biewerIt’s moving day and you’re absolutely exhausted… what about your pets?  How can you make a household move less stressful for them too?

Start off by planning right: verify one more time that your new home/apartment/condo is indeed pet-friendly. A friend of mine just moved – and after being assured by the rental agent that her little dog would be welcome – she got a rude awakening when she (and the huge moving van) arrived.  No pets!  What a disaster.

Visit your Vet sooner than later if you’re going to have to change doctors.  Get your Morkie’s health records, including any prescriptions you might need in the near future. Does your Vet know of any colleagues in your new town?  If your Morkie is particularly nervous, you might want to talk to the Vet about some kind of sedative for the move itself.

Packing time can be horribly hectic, but try to keep your Morkie’s routine the same as usual.

On Moving Day

Great if you can get a friend or relative to be in charge of your Morkie, even keeping him overnight until you’re settled.  You might want to consider boarding your Morkie for a night.

yorkie on bed nov 2015

Keep your dog‘s favourite things handy after the move.

Have his toys handy, along with his favourite blankie and anything else familiar, so you can unpack it first and set up his new ‘home.’  Don’t forget the same food and treats too.

More to pack and keep handy: leash, poop bags, blanket or towel, toys, bed, bowls, kennel cage or carrier and your Morkie’s paperwork including microchip i.d. if available. Make sure your Morkie is wearing a collar and tag with your cell phone number on it.

Keep a close eye on your Morkie… with all the confusion it’s easy for her to slip out the door.  That’s exactly what a stressed dog may try to do, run away and hide, so be very careful.  A runaway is the last thing you need!

Limit Your Morkie’s Exploration 

Unlike Aunt Ruthie, your dog doesn’t need to inspect the entire new home the minute she arrives.  Try to settle your Morkie into a quiet room and let him rest and relax.  It’s been a big day for him too!

A leashed walk around the neighbourhood however, is a good idea and a little exercise always helps relieve stress and pressure.

Travelling by car?

If your Morkie isn’t used to a lot of car travel, you might want to ‘practice’ before moving day with some short runs. Get him settled in his cage or carrier (belt it in for safety) and gradually get him comfortable in a car.  You’ll be very glad you did if you’re taking a longer trip as part of your move. That scream-bark when Morkies are afraid of the car, can be very distracting!

More Resources for Moving with Your Morkie


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