Ticks on dogs are a nightmare – especially ticks on small dogs. Ticks carry dozens of diseases including Lyme Disease. But as ghastly as they are, there’s something more dangerous – commercial tick fighting treatments.

They can be deadly for small dogs. Luckily, there are natural treatments you can use instead.

Avoid tick hangouts

Don’t let your small dog wander through high grasses and uncut fields. Avoid walking in wooded areas. Ticks can be found in the foliage at dog parks and in your own yard.

And NEVER SIT ON A LOG! Experts say that sitting on a log for just 5 minutes means a 30% chance of picking up a tick!

Inspect, Spot and Remove

Examine your dog whenever he comes in; run your hands over him, feeling for small bumps. Ticks tend to latch on where there’s less hair, such as under the front legs around the ears or on the belly.

Here’s where ticks like to hide on your dog:

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Keep ticks off your property

Clear any brush or debris off your property. Keep woodpiles well away from the house, and ideally off the ground.

Old lawn furniture or mattresses are an ideal environment for ticks. Keep your garden and yard clear of tall grasses.

If you decide to use a chemical treatment on your yard, here’s a list of lower-risk products:  at the Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) at www.nrdc.org

Natural Tick Fighting Powder

You can click to view (or download) this all-natural and highly effective tick fighting powder here.

Use it on your dog, on your carpets at home, in your dog’s bed or wherever you fear they might be ticks.

What’s worse than ticks on your dog? COMMERCIAL TICK TREATMENTS!

At least 1,600 dogs have died needlessly in the past 5 years thanks to spot-on flea and tick treatments! It’s a tragedy that shouldn’t happen.

Commercial products to repel ticks can be deadly. The insecticides in these products are poisonous. Let’s face it: they’re formulated to kill stubborn parasites.

The hardest hit: dogs under 20 pounds. 

Learn how to protect your small dog from the dangers of ticks – without poisoning him! Order today – Ticks on Dogs: Small Dog Nightmare.