We all buy Christmas gifts for our dogs. In fact, a new study by VetStreet.com shows that 96% of us get at least one doggy present. Dog owners even buy dog gifts for other people’s dogs!  The #1 gift for dogs is treats, followed by toys and clothes.

Who can resist the joy of a squeaky toy?

Dogs really love squeaky toys, and scientists think they’ve figured out why.

One reason is that to a dog, the squeak sounds like a frightened small animal, or a small animal in distress, so it brings out the hunter in our little dogs. (Remember, Yorkshire Terriers were bred to find and kill mice and rats in Victorian England.)

The other reason, is more simple: the squeak sounds really good to dogs and it’s an instant reward. Bite – squeak – bite!

Squeaky toys can turn your sweet Morkie into  wolf!

walk your dog to get him tiredTip for the Holidays

Take your Morkie for a good long walk before company comes. He’ll be happy, tired out and will probably bark less.

Remember, a tired dog is a good dog.


Tinsel Warning

According to WagWalking.com, tinsel can wrap itself around your dog’s tongue or get stuck in the stomach so it cannot get through the intestines to be expelled through the bowels.

Read more at: https://wagwalking.com/condition/tinsel-poisoning


Squeaky toys made by ZippyPaws are available in stores and on Amazon.com  They are very well made, safe and durable.

Soft and appealing, these  fun characters are powered by high quality, loud squeakers or crinkly material. Some sets, like the hedgehogs, are dog puzzle games; you put the little  critters in the burrow and your Morkie figures out how to get them out. To find out more, just click the image to go to Amazon.com

A Special Stocking For Your Morkie

Resist the already-filled stocking

Sure, it’s all done and is cheap… BUT.

This one from Walmart, for example, looks fine but it’s loaded with bad stuff…. the toy Santa head is stuffed with who-knows-what and is easy for any dog to chew open. There’s a plastic bone, but it’s not the reliable nylabone. Plus any treats are probably made offshore, and can’t be trusted for clean ingredients.bad choice in dog gifts



Wayfair features these gorgeous dog stockings on their site. They’re well made and meant to last for years and years. To learn more, just click on the image.


Dog Treats and Snacks

In the past year, at least 200 brands of dog snacks – mostly jerky treats – have been recalled by the Federal Government (FDA) because they’re contaminated with salmonella, E. coli or even pieces of metal!

Dog treats made in China can’t be trusted because there are no regulations or inspections. (In 2007, more than 3,600 dogs and cats tragically died because Chinese ingredients, used by North American pet food manufacturers, contained poisons like Melamine. The result was one of the biggest recalls ever – 5,300 products.)

That’s why it’s so important to look for treats that are entirely made in the USA or Canada. Some products say “Made in the USA” but unknown to consumers, the ingredients have come from China.

These two brands, Blue Wilderness and Loyal Paws, can be counted on for integrity of ingredients.

Blue Wilderness Trail Treats

Available in a wide variety of flavours including salmon, venison, and duck. 100% grain free.

The perfect crunchy treat for your meat-loving Morkie.

red checkmark

Loyal Paws Dog Jerky Treat.

This product is made with 100% chicken breast meat – nothing else. No preservatives, additives, artificial flavors or coloring, steroids, growth hormones, or other harmful ingredients.

red checkmark

RAWHIDE CHEWSTICKS – not a great treat for your Morkie. First, they are made with chemicals  including paint and bleach. And, they’re often contaminated wtih salmonella and E.coli. Once your dog starts working on a chewstick, it gets slimy and slippery — a choking hazard.

Read more about chewsticks on my blog, “Rethinking Rawhide” here.

reversible dog coat

Reversible waterproof coat, available in 6 colour combinations

Polyester fiber fill and water-resistant outer layer.
Easy to put on and off. Blocks the wind.
Elastic chest design.
Button hole for Collar & Harness


Kurgo Reversible Dog Coat

Water resistant, featuring reflective trim
Rugged, yet comfortable, Microtomic ripstop material for durability
With zipper opening on the back for your Morkie’s leash


Alpine Extreme Weather Puffer Dog Coat

  • Made with a waterproof exterior, this coat is perfect for keeping your dog warm and dry
  • Lined with thick fleece and filled with warm fiber insulation, your pup will be ready to take on the trail ahead
  • Simple design that slips over the dog’s head and a quick snap of the adjustable buckle over the back


Warm, waterproof coat for your Morkie.

  • Outer layer is waterproof terylene material, the inner layer is fleece and cotton.
  • Washable, easy to clean and easy to put on your dog.
  • Reflective edge tape for extra safety.



Adorable reindeer sweater in red or blue. Soft and warm, this sweater can be machine washed. Amazon.


Cute turtlenecks for dogs, featuring wide-ribbed turtleneck collar and Aran stitches.  In 7 colours.  Amazon.

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