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Boo, World's Cutest Pup, Passes Away From 'Broken Heart'

Boo survived to be 12-years-old in human years – which would be 84 in ‘dog years’. Boo, and his friend Buddy (who passed away last year), became viral internet sensations when their owners created Instagram and Facebook accounts showcasing their adorable antics.

The news of his heartbreaking death was recently posted on Facebook – to his 16 million Facebook followers. The sweet and adorable Pomeranian passed away in his sleep due to heart issues – many assuming it was a ‘broken heart’ due to the loss of his companion last year.


Little girl's special bond with her Morkie gets the local shelter $5,000

A bond between a young girl and her newfound furry best friend has won Posh Pets Rescue, a nonprofit organization that runs the Long Beach animal shelter, a $5,000 grant.

Nassau County resident Sondra Toscano submitted the story of how her seven-year-old daughter Lydia fell in love with Venus, a Maltese-Yorkie mix, from Posh Pets, to the Petco Foundation’s sixth annual Holiday Wishes campaign, which awards grants to animal welfare organizations across the nation.


Carol and Gary Heiner, accompanied by their dog, Buddy, brought stuffed dogs to the children at Emporia Child Care. The couple take Buddy for walks regularly near the child care renter, and the children, Buddy and the Heiners have formed a bond.

“We have been walking him there for about a year and a half, two, three, five times a week sometimes depending on the weather,” Carol Heiner said. “During the summer when the weather is nice and the kids see us coming they start yelling, ‘puppy, puppy.’”

Thanks to their generosity, each child received a Christmas Buddy of their own. What a couple!

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Awwww! "Shower Time" for two Morkies. Thanks Giselle for sharing the great pic!

Awwww! “Shower Time” for two Morkies. Thanks Giselle for sharing the great pic!

Let’s play! Thanks for the picture of your little cutie Macie!