tink valentine 2011

How much do we love our pets?  A good question for Valentine’s Day, when love is in the air.

According to Time Magazine, people spend $367 million on their pets over Valentine’s Day period. While gifts like bones and treats are great, the biggest thing your dog wants from you is your TIME.  That extra walk, some snuggles or even some training, all goes a long way to demonstrate you love.  

And what says “love”  more than dressing your Morkie up in a ridiculously romantic ensemble??

Who wouldn’t love dogs? They love us back, unconditionally. They’re always overjoyed to see us, even if we’ve just been outside for 5 minutes.  Petfinder says they make the perfect Valentine’s date by far — among other reasons, they don’t talk!  And you don’t have to share your dessert with a dog.

A quick do-it-yourself valentine costume in just 5 minutes from Modern Dog Magazine.


photo from petfinder

Here’s what you need:

•    1 large sheet red (or pink!)
•    1 ruler
•    1 pencil or white marker
•    A pair of scissors or X-Acto
•    1 round cake tin or other
 round object approximately the 
size of your dog’s head

A little bit of measuring and cutting and voila – 5 minutes later you have the most adorable dog for February 14th!

Read the full directions here at Modern Dog.


Easy Valentine’s costume for your dog