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yorkie plus maltese dog equals a morkieWho doesn’t love great pictures of Morkies? And of course no family album would be complete without the parents – pictures of yorkies and pictures of Maltese dogs.

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Yorkie Pictures

Celeb Morkies, Yorkies & Maltese

Some famous Yorkies, Morkies and Maltese over the years!


How to take a great dog photo: 7 tips

1. Keep backgrounds simple. An uncluttered background brings all the attention to your dog. Try a colourful plain blanket or towel, or get your Morkie in front of a bright wall.

2. Watch what’s happening in the background of the picture. No telephone posts growing out of your Morkie’s head!

3. Patience! Wait and see what your Morkie is doing when you’re not looking. Candid photos are often the best. Here’s where a selfie stick comes in handy!

Don’t be the guy who takes this shot – too high, out of focus, bad lighting.

4. Use natural light whenever you can. Flash can give your doggy devil red eyes and is very distracting.

5. Take a break. Like babies, a dog’s attention span and interest in photos is very limited.

6. Don’t make them do things you know they hate (for example, clothes they don’t like, go places they don’t like)

7. Get your Morkie’s attention! Call his or her name, make sounds they respond to, and talk to them to get them to look at the camera (if that is what you want).

Got a photo you'd like to share?  Just email it to

Enjoy these Yorkie pictures, Maltese dog pictures and Morkie pictures.


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