Non shedding morkies might be perfect for youGetting a Morkie?  Chances are you will buy it from a reliable person who breeds it as a hobby. Or, you’ll choose to get one from a shelter or rescue site.

What are the pros and cons of getting a shelter or rescue Morkie?  And are rescue dogs damaged or otherwise ‘second class’ goods?

Should you buy a Morkie or get one from a shelter?

It’s always better to get a dog from a shelter.  In America alone, about 1.2 million healthy, adoptable dogs are euthanized every year. That’s more than two dogs per minute put down in U.S. shelters each year. Whenever you can find a dog YOU want and save a life at the same time, it’s a win-win.

Aren’t shelter dogs “flawed”?

One of the most harmful myths about shelter dogs is that they’re bad. They’re unmanageable, or they can’t be trained. That’s how they ended up in a shelter.  But that’s just wrong. Consider this:

tiny blond morkie puppy on blue background

Eight main reasons dogs are given up:

  1. Lifestyle change – owner divorcing, moving, military deployment, owner dies
  2. Lack of training – The owner didn’t bother to train the dog, so is frustrated now that the pet is badly behaved, with problems in potty training, socialization or obedience
  3. Lack of time – The owner didn’t think it through and finds he doesn’t have the time to devote to a pet
  4. Cost – dogs cost money. Food, grooming, vet care, training and regular immunization all add up
  5. Too many pets in the home – clearly a lack of thinking on the owner’s part. Pets are not impulse items!
  6. The dog is sick or old – people may shirk their responsibility to their animals and take the easy route out – let the shelter deal with those hard decisions
  7. The animal was seized from an abusive environment
  8. allergies develop in the home – could be a new partner, child or other who has allergies, or allergies could suddenly develop.  This is the one reason that isn’t the owner’s fault — but it represents just 7 to 8% of the reasons given why the animal was turned in, according to Petfinder.

MYTH:  Shelter dogs are “damaged goods,” and there’s no hope for them as pets.

This myth comes back to the mistaken belief that it’s the dog’s fault he’s in a shelter. The truth is, it’s the owner’s fault.  The owner didn’t think it through or didn’t plan well. Or circumstances changed in the owner’s life, and now the dog isn’t part of the plan. Perhaps the owner didn’t train the dog, and so now, he’s fed up.

Sometimes – and it’s rare – a family member develops an allergy to the pet. THAT is not the owners’ fault. Or the dog’s fault.

But even allergies can be minimized. Extra grooming and special shampoos can reduce the allergens the dog gives off.  And since Morkies, Yorkies, and Maltese have hair, not fur, they don’t shed. That means they’re a better choice for allergy-sensitive people.

To think “I don’t want a second-rate pet from a rescue” is both shallow and short-sighted. Take a look and you’ll see that these are great little dogs with the same potential as any to become your treasured, life-long companion.

One more factor to consider with shelter dogs is that they are fostered while they wait for a forever home.

dog surrendered to shelter looks very sadThese foster families are well-versed in how to train and take care of dogs. They work with their dogs to rehabilitate any shortcomings the dog may have. Many shelter pets receive training and socialization before adoption. That makes the transition to their new family easier.

It’s sad to think of an animal kept in a shelter for months and months and even years. But the web is overflowing with stories about the discarded dog who’s found a happy home with a new family.

Despite past abuse and hurt, he’s a sweet and devoted family member. It is just another demonstration of the power of dogs to forgive us.

In answer to our headline question: Should I rescue a Morkie from a shelter? Our resounding answer is

YES symbol

Please consider adoption when you’re looking for a new pet.


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