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Taking your Morkie out for a walk in a stroller sounds pretty um, well weird? Odd? Overly-protective?  A little crazy?? 🙂

But there are some valid reasons for using a pet stroller from time to time, and they include:

It’s easier to travel with your Morkie safely secured in a stroller.

A stroller can help your own mobility and stability if you have trouble walking. So it’s great for older people, and for older dogs, too.

On the other hand, if you’re young and into running, you could take your Morkie in a jogger pet stroller. More exercise for you pushing the stroller.

It’s safer around a lot of traffic or aggressive dogs.


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More reasons to get a doggy stroller

EVACUATION! Think about the recent hurricanes in the United States. A stroller would be a good way to move your dog, store her stuff, and keep her contained wherever you end up taking shelter.

In a stroller, your Morkie will be easier to take to the Vet’s office for a visit.

It may be a lot easier to go places where dogs aren’t banned, but aren’t very welcomed either. For example, your local hardware store or paint shop.

For an elderly or unwell Morkie, a stroller is a good way to take him out to get some fresh air, without putting further strain on him.


Your dog can always hop out for a walk:  Just because your Morkie is in a stroller doesn’t mean he has to stay there for the whole trip. I read that in New York, lots of people push their little dogs to Central Park and then let them get out and enjoy the grass.

Like a crate with wheels:  There are lots of times when it makes sense to put your dog in a crate – when having a big family dinner for example. This way, he can be part of it, without being PART of it.


And then there are Morkies, Yorkies and Maltese who will NEVER sit still in a stroller 🙂



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