Yorkie, Morkie, Maltese – three of the cutest toy dogs around

Which small dog is right for you?

thumb_yorkshire-terrier_1024If you’re thinking of getting a toy dog, you’ve probably considered one of the most popular breeds – the Yorkshire Terrier. Yorkies are smart, spunky and affectionate.

Yorkies are a relatively “new” breed – they were developed in northern England during the Industrial Revolution (the 1860s) to chase rats and other vermin from factories and mines.

Maltese dogs on the other hand, are also very affectionate and playful but since they’re not terriers, they’re a little less high-spirited.maltese-dog-picture- 36

They are one of the most ancient breeds – dating back centuries. Pictures of Maltese have been found on ancient Greek urns going back to around 500 B.C.!

Both breeds feature long, glamorous coats and both are hypoallergenic meaning they have HAIR not FUR, so they don’t shed. They don’t have an undercoat that sheds fluffy light fur and they have much less dander, the dandruff-life substance that is the real source of allergies.

Morkies – the Yorkie + Maltese

3 morkie puppies in wicker basketIf you can’t decide which dog breed you prefer, you could always look at a Morkie – Morkies are the cross-breed of a purebred Yorkshire Terrier and a purebred Maltese dog. They can come in a wide variety of colours, from beige, to nearly white to nearly black, reflecting the Maltese dog’s pure white coat and the Yorkie’s black-and-tan coat.

The Morkie’s behaviour and personality is also a combination of both breeds, but in what proportion is random. So your Morkie could be much more aggressive and terrier-like like the Yorkshire Terrier or much more calm and placid like the Maltese.

Informative e-book

Before you make up your mind, you might want to read the downloadable e-book Yorkie, Morkie or Maltese? Your Playbook to Picking the Perfect Pet. 

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Yorkie, Morkie or Maltese? Your Playbook to Picking the Perfect Pet features:

  • a full comparison of both breeds and their cross-breed, the Morkie
  • their characteristics
  • health problems that are common to both breeds
  • plenty of pictures and tables
  • information on the best places to find your perfect pup

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