Do you have lots of great photos of your Morkie, but don’t know how to make a dog pictures gallery?

If you’re a dog lover like me, you’ve probably taken dozens of pictures of your beloved Morkie. But where are those cute pictures now? Are they stashed away in a drawer or shoebox, gathering dust? Or buried on your hard drive, inside a folder, inside a folder, never to be found?

Don’t let those adorable pictures of your dog stay hidden away and be forgotten! You can get them developed online for as little as 5¢ each. Here are several ways you can put together a dog pictures gallery.

Collect your best photos and get prints

Try one of these popular online photo developing sites:

  • Shutterfly – sign up now and get 50 free prints!
  • MPix – they also have some great startup offers
  • Snapfish – other photo product too, like calendars and books

COSTCO – See if your local Costco has online service, or camera card to COSTCO for some excellent quality, low price prints.

dog pictures gallery

Put together a dog pictures gallery

There are so many decorative ways that you can display your favorite pictures of your Morkie. Here are five unique ideas to get you started:

1. Display your precious dog under glass

Pick an occasional table or coffee table with a glass top or your desk.

Think about the location of the table and how guests will approach the table. Lay out the pictures on the tabletop, in whatever theme you like. Place the pictures in varying directions for a unique look. When you’re satisfied with the layout of the pictures, place the glass top back over the photos. Switch them up any time you feel like it.


2. Display several of your faves in a shadow box

A shadow box is a 3-D picture frame that has room for objects as well as photos. It’s a great way to display larger dog-related items that won’t fit in a standard frame.

Arrange the cute pictures of your Morkie inside the shadow box, then add some mementos such as his first ID tag, collar, or a lock of hair. You could even add one of his dog biscuits or treats. Be creative and display whatever treasured dog items would add the most meaning to the shadow box.

dog shadow box

Use your imagination to fill a Morkie shadow box


3. Display your pictures on velvet, satin or grosgrain ribbon

Cut a length of ribbon – the size of the ribbon will depend upon the number of photos that you choose to display. Arrange your pictures on the ribbon. Attach the pictures of your dogs or puppies with one of those self-adhesive Velcro circles or squares. Now fill in the open spaces of the ribbon with colorful beads, sparkly glitter or some unusual buttons.

Then, add a pretty bow at the top of the ribbon for a finishing touch.



pictures displayed on ribbon

from Fab You Bliss, on Pinterest


4. Make a Morkie calendar

Timing is right to put together a 12-month Morkie calendar.

Pick 12 good, horizontal shots of your Morkie. Ideally, some or all will be seasonal.

Although you can download and use calendar freeware online, be careful. A lot of these programs are excuses to upload malware to your computer. One exception is Microsoft Word if you have MS-Office. One very helpful website that shows you exactly how can be found here: Homemade-Gifts-Made-Easy.

Here’s a sample of  how it looks:

sample calendar pages


I recommend going with a commercial service to create something really professional-looking. VistaPrint, for example, can print full color, 12-month custom calendars starting from just $6.99


Pet Photo Tips

  • Crop your pictures close, but don’t forget to keep the final photo large (1500 pixels by 1200 or so)
  • Don’t put your Morkie smack in the middle. Offset.


Don't always centre the photo

Before you finalize your calendar, why not add in your local holidays, special events and yes, birthday and anniversaries. (Don’t forget your Morkie’s birthday, since this calendar is all-about-him!)

  • vary the photos in color and composition
  • crop in close as you can try to match each one up with the season – a cute Valentine’s photo in February, for example,
  • don’t overdo the fonts – one or two styles is plenty!