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Morkie, Yorkie and Maltese - small dogs that don't shed ebook

Small Dogs That Don’t Shed: Yorkie, Morkie, Maltese

Looking for a small dog that doesn’t shed?

The popular Yorkshire Terrier is a smart, feisty little dog who’ll own your heart. And the glamorous Maltese couldn’t be more affectionate and loving. Combine them and you have the adorable Morkie.

In this ebook, you’ll read about all three breeds, so you can decide which one is right for you and your family.

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Just $4.99 ebook on small dogs that don't shed

Morkie, Yorkie and Maltese

Picture of Morkie, Yorkie and Maltese dogs

Yorkshire Terriers are a relatively new breed; they came into being in the late 1800s, bred to chase down rats and other vermin in the mines and factories of Victorian England. They’re smart, feisty and loyal.

Maltese dogs look similar to the Yorkie, except their hair is pure white. Sometimes Maltese are called “terriers” but they are not.

Maltese have been around for thousands of years. Ancient Greek urns from about 500 B.C. depicted the Maltese, and historians believe Egyptian pharaohs worshipped them.

Bred as lapdogs, Maltese are gentle and sweet-natured. They stay puppy-like well into their adult years.

Both the Yorkie and the Maltese have HAIR not FUR. That means they don’t shed gobs of fuzzy fur like most dogs. They’re great for people with allergies. No surprise that their offspring, the Morkie, has a non-shedding coat too.

Morkies come in a wide range of colours and combine the characteristics of both parents, to produce a unique and lovable little dog.

Title: Small Dogs That Don’t Shed: Yorkie, Morkie, Maltese
Author: Small dog expert Deb Gray
ISBN: 978-1-988290-17-1
Publisher: Letter 27 Communications Business Ltd.
Year: 2018 Rev.
Format: Downloadable PDF
# of pages: 100

This book has been really helpful while we tried to decide what dog to get. I have never owned a dog before, so these tips and insights were great.

 – JRG


Excellent book. If you are planning on getting a puppy and you want a small dog that doesn’t shed, this is the book for you.

– Kristen B.

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Title: Small Dogs That Don’t Shed: Yorkie, Morkie, Maltese

Author:  Small dog expert Deb Gray

Format: Downloadable PDF

ISBN: 978-1-988290-17-1

Publisher: Letter 27 Communications Business Ltd.

Publishing Date:  2018 Rev.

# of pages:  100

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