Hot cars are not the only danger for dogs in the summer. Another one you might not think of, is hot BBQ grills.

Smelling something tasty, dogs of all sizes will sometimes get under the BBQ grill, where they can get hit by hot fat. Or, a heated veggie basket or other cooking utensil gets left on the side table, still burning hot. When your Morkie goes to lick it, he gets a serious burn.


Certain summer foods and plants are deadly for Morkies

Lots of things we like to eat in the summer can make your Morkie very sick, even deadly ill. These include raisins and grapes. Experts don’t know exactly why, but it seems there is something in grapes that can make them highly toxic. it could be the pesticide used on grapes, fungal infections in the fruit or some mysterious chemical reaction.  It is interesting that reports of illness after eating grapes or raisins didn’t hit the radar at places like the ASPCA until 2001. So were grapes safer in 90s? We don’t know, but given the deadly side effects some dogs can experience, it’s not worth experimenting to find out.

Not every dog is affected by grapes and raisins the same way. Some might get into grapes or raisins and be fine, but don’t risk it.


Help! My Morkie ate some raisins

dog poisoning

As few as 7 grapes or raisins can be fatal for your small dog. If your Morkie has ingested one or more in the past 2 hours, the best thing you can do in this case, is get your Morkie to vomit. Right away. But how?


Assemble and keep a dog poisoning kit. To get your Morkie to vomit, you will need:

  • a fresh bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide, available at any drugstore
  • measuring spoons
  • a small bowl for mixing
  • a turkey baster
  • eyedropper
  • these instructions printed out
  • your Veterinarian’s name and phone number
  • the number for your local animal poison control centre, also printed out




More foods to avoid

  • avocados

    marijuana leaf

    Medical or not, your dog should never ingest marijuana or food with marijuana in it. Dogs react very differently.

  • garlic
  • milk – not poisonous exactly but can lead to diarrhea and vomiting
  • onion
  • chocolate
  • alcohol including beer, wine and hard liquor
  • fatty meats or trimming from meat – can cause pancreatitis
  • bacon, ham

Remember always provide plenty of cold water, shade outdoors.

Never, ever leave your Morkie in a parked car.