Snakes and Morkies don’t mix!

Snakes and Morkies don’t mix!

Is a 7′ snake like this really a good companion pet to a small dog like a Morkie??

Great… another snake on the loose!

Everyone’s been horrified by the terrible story of two little boys killed by a giant python in New Brunswick, Canada.  And while there’s no comparison in the gravity of the situations, now there’s a Veterinarian in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania (just southwest of Philadelphia) who’s missing his 7 foot long boa constrictor!


“The snake is just one of many pets in the household, which includes children, two cats and Rudi, a tiny Morkie dog.”

Here’s the killer quote:  “The pets get along famously”….but Snakey eats rats.  Hmmmm, rats can weigh as much as 1 pound and Rudi the Morkie is described as very small.

Are people crazy or is it me?

Who would want a pet snake that’s 7 feet long??? Especially when you have other pets in the home who are potential food for the snake?

Pawnation, a well-respected website, has an article about the danger of boas and children – let alone small dogs!  Snake bits are very, very dangerous – often deadly – for small dogs as the site points out (the boa doesn’t usually bite however; preferring to strangle its victims).

What do you think? Am I just suffering from a huge attack of ophidiophobia – a phobic fear of snakes, or do you agree? Weigh in.

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