Some superstar MORKIES

Some superstar MORKIES

Maltese and Yorkies have been favorites of celebrities and stars – even royalty – for centuries. Queen Elizabeth I had a Maltese in the 1500s, and Yorkies were on trend in Victorian England. Now, their offspring, Morkies, are finding favor with today’s rich and famous. 

Who Doesn’t Love a Morkie?

Britney Spears, an avowed animal lover, has always taken comfort in her pets.

So how perfect is it that she’s had a Yorkie, a Maltese – AND NOW HAS A MORKIE!

Here’s the superstar with her little Maltese, Bit Bit who has always been her great consolation and joy, through divorces, meltdowns and scalp shaving! It’s reported that Britney has a Chihuahua, a Maltese, 3 Yorkies and now a MORKIE.

So far, paparazzi are identifying Britney’s new dog simply as a “Yorkie mix.”


World famous rapper and Toronto sun Drake is pictured here with his new Morkie; in the other picture, he is seen with his massive “American Bully” called Winter, at Langdon Hall outside of the city.

No word on how the two dogs get along.

Jessie Tyler Ferguson

Jessie has been a Morkie fan since he got Leaf in 2010. Since then, he’s appeared as a spokesperson for Purina ONE’s adoption program.

Ferguson Mikita with their dogs

Ferguson with husband Justin Mikita, pictured in front of their new home with Leaf and Sam.

Steven Tyler

The legendary rocker brought his little guys Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid to “Late Night with Seth Meyers” recently, where he explained that after seeing the two dogs for the first time he just felt like they looked like the classic Western movie.

Steven tyler and his two dogs

Tiffany Haddish

Actress, singer, model, comedian, and author Tiffany Haddish explains how her new baby got the name “Sleep.”

“I always name my pets after things I LOVE, so naturally this dog is called Sleep. See Haddish’s complete interview here on YouTube, including how the dog has saved her from having “at least 5 kids.”

Jann Arden

Singer-songwriter Jann Arden with her Morkie named Midi, who joined Jann in 2008. In an interview with the Toronto Star, the singer admitted that Midi (short for Midler) is not a big music fan and in fact, does not like Jann’s singing. Not at all.

Emily Rossum

Actress, television director, and singer-songwriter, Emily Rossum is pretty busy on the hit TV series Shameless but she’s never too busy for her rescue Morkie “Cinnamon.”

Rossum is a big believer in animal rescue and she walks the talk. In addition to Cinnamon, Emmy is also ‘mom’ to a Chihuahua named Sugar and a Lhasa Apso mix named Pepper.

Celebrity Morkies, Yorkies & Maltese

Celebrity Morkies, Yorkies & Maltese

Who doesn’t love little dogs? The rich and famous, who could have their pick of ANY breed in the world, are undoubtedly fond of Yorkies, Morkies and Maltese. Here are just a few celeb pups!


Drake is the latest Celeb to fall for a Morkie

Here he is in Toronto, pictured with the Morkie’s breeder. Below, a photo shoot at Langdon Hall.

drake and his new morkie puppy

Singer-Songwriter Jann Arden and her Morkie Midi

This is Jann Arden’s little Morkie called Midi (it’s a musical term).

Jann has had many adventures with her, including being kicked off a CN Train on her way to a concert in Canada’s capital, Ottawa. Part way through the trip, a porter noticed little Midi in a kennel cage and gave the singer two choices: stow her Morkie with the rest of the luggage (!!) or get off the train. Rumour has it Jann pulled the stop cord, and got off!     


Jann Arden and her dog kicked off CN train in Canada

Jann Arden's morkie

Jann Arden and Midi her morkie

Jann Arden's morkie called midi

Jann Arden and Jon Montgomery sit for an interview with Jann’s dog Midi in Toronto 

Jessie Tyler Ferguson and Leaf the Morkie


Fergusons two dogs


Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita and their dogs, Sam and Leaf, in front of their Los Feliz home


Johnie Depp and Pistol and Boo the Yorkies

Johnny Depp and his then-wife Amber Heard paid a $1,000 fine last year after pleading guilty to making a false customs declaration that she had no animals, during their working visit to Australia.

Australia’s deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, has said the government will examine whether Johnny Depp committed “perjury” by smuggling dogs into the country while knowing it was illegal.

Johnny Depp and Yorkie


Johnny Depp seems crazy about his two Yorkies, pictured here on set in Australia to shoot one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.









Molly Sims and Chloe and Poupette the Yorkies

Molly Sims and her pair of Yorkies, Chloe and Poupette. She takes them everywhere – along with her baby – in their own doggy stroller!

Whitney Houston and Doogie the Yorkie

The late Whitney Houston loved her little Yorkie Doogie. When the singer passed away, daughter Bobbi Kristina took over care of the Yorkie and added two more of her own. Whitney’s sister now looks after the remaining dogs.

The Nixons and Yorkie Pasha

Presidential Pup President Richard Nixon in the White House, 1970, with the family’s pet Yorkie Pasha. The dog was bought for his daughter Tricia, but Nixon seems to have loved the pup just as much.

nixons and dogs




Who says real mean can’t love little dogs?

More Yorkie Celebs

 Left to right. Academy Award-winning actress Natalie Portman; Rocker Ozzie Osbourne and wife Sharon with their baby; tennis superstar Venus Williams.

yorkie celebs ozzie osbourne and his wife


Celebrity Maltese dogs go waaaaaay back! 

Maltese dogs are one of the oldest breeds still around today. It’s believed they were pets to Ancient Greeks including Aristotle, a whopping 2,600 years ago! Many members of the British Royalty were very attached to these loving lapdogs, even centuries ago.

Left to right; the Duchess of Alba with her Maltese, painted by Goya in 1797; Marie Antoinette around 1780; Queen Elizabeth I in the 1580s; Mary Queen of Scots, with her Maltese in the 1590s. 

Elvis and his Maltese

In THIS century, fans of the Maltese included Elvis, left, who bought several of the dogs as gifts for girlfriends and his mother.

Diana Ross and two Maltese

It’s not clear if this was a publicity photo or if these two little Maltese belonged to Diana Ross. Either way, a classic pic. Here’s another picture with Ross, holding a Maltese called Baby Jane.


Diana Ross and Maltese called Baby Jane

Marilyn Monroe and Maf the Maltese

Marilyn Monroe‘s Maltese dog was a gift from Frank Sinatra and was called Maf, short for Mafia.

Maf was a gift from Frank Sinatra. Maf’s origins have been in confusion because Joe DiMaggio, who was increasingly close to Marilyn again after her divorce from Arthur Miller, was very jealous of Marilyn’s friendship with Sinatra. To dodge any ill feeling, it seems that Marilyn would tell some people that Maf was a gift from her publicist, Pat Newcomb.

– from The Foxling: Whatever Happened to Maf?

Elizabeth Taylors Dogs Maltese


Elizabeth Taylor and her Maltese Dogs

Another movie icon, Elizabeth Taylor, was crazy about dogs. Although she had a number of Poodles, and a Yorkie, MALTESE were her favorites.

Below right, with Sugar, her soulmate.

Celebrity Morkies

Celebrity Morkies

midi the morkie

Singer songwriter Jann Arden with her Morkie “Midi”

There are famous Yorkies, or Yorkies owned by celebrities and famous Maltese – Maltese who are owned by celebrities… and now there are famous MORKIES!

Here’s a list of just some of the celebrities who own Morkies … Singer songwriter Jann Arden has a little Morkie called Midi (midi is short for Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a technical standard for music that’s just too complicated to go into. You may remember that two years ago, Ms. Arden and Midi were tossed off Via Rail between Ottawa and Toronto.  Even though Midi and her dog carrier were perfectly visible throughout the trip, including check-in, an overly zealous porter noticed she as travelling with a dog around Oshawa, and offered her the choice of stashing Midi in the baggage car or finding another way to get to Ottawa.  Midi and Jann were soon standing on the platform as the train pulled away.

Miley and Lila

miley and morkie

Little Lila, Miley’s Morkie

Another well known singer/actor who has a Morkie?  Miley Cyrus.  Sadly she used to have a Morkie, called Lila who was the love of her life based on her Tweets about Lila.

miley cirus

Miley Cyrus and her Morkie Lila

In December 2012 little Lila passed away. Lila had been through surgery earlier and seemed to be healing just fine. But Miley’s other dog, a much larger one called Ziggy, “grabbed” Lila during play and that was it.

Miley took a long time to get over the loss, and to this time will mention Lila wistfully.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his partner Justin Mikita with their Morkie "Leaf."

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his partner Justin Mikita with their Morkie “Leaf.”

This past June (2014) Miley suffered another dog-astrophe. Her 2-year-old dog Floyd, a huskey mix, was killed during a horrible coyote attack.  She’s replaced Floyd with a Collie called Emu. We wish her the best of luck with her new dog!

Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Morkie Leaf

Ferguson is one of the most talented actors in Hollywood today – starring in the award-winning Modern Family. In fact he has received 3 Emmys in a row for his part as the uptight lawyer Mitchell Pritchett.  On the Golden Globes red carpet in 2012, Jesse told Ryan Seacrest that he had a message for one of his little ones – Morkie pup, Leaf. “You be good, Leaf, and go to bed,” Ferguson said. “That’s what I’m going to say when I win. Oh wait – I wasn’t nominated.”

More Morkie Stars

Rapper Drake and his new Morkie (with the breeder)


English actor Orlando Bloom and his Morkie Frankie.


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