TREATS must be safe too!

TREATS must be safe too!

Lots of us are concerned about commercial dog food, and with good reason! It is such a huge market that some manufacturers are willing to go to almost any lengths to grab more market share. Cutting corners and disguising ingredients are just two of their nasty tricks.


But TREATS can be just as scary!

Just this past June, there was a massive recall of rawhide chews. The manufacturer, United Pet Group, a division of Spectrum Brands, said there was possible chemical contamination in all their brands, which include:

dog treat recalls

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Rawhide chews are also routinely recalled for salmonella residue, which of course is highly poisonous and can make your Morkie quite sick. (You too, if you handle the chews and happen to touch your mouth or nose with the bacteria. ) Read more about rawhide chews in my post here: Rethinking Rawhide Chewsticks.


So how do you know what treats are safe?

Our friends at have an excellent article on what to look for in dog treats, updated just last month:



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Read about what to look for; what to avoid and some of the rules of choosing dog treats wisely. Click here for more: 


heart shaped biscuit


References: FDA announcement of recalls: 

Dog Food Advisor on the recalls Are your dog treats safe?

7 Things you should NEVER buy at Dollar Stores

7 Things you should NEVER buy at Dollar Stores

jerky treats deathDollar Stores are the fastest growing sector in retail by far – people love getting bargains.  But there are lots of things for sale in dollar stores that aren’t safe, in fact, they’re downright dangerous… not only for you, but for your Morkie too.

Don’t buy this stuff at a dollar store:

  • electrical cords – faulty power strips, surge protectors, holiday mini-lights, extension cords — sure you might save a buck or two but you also could BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE!  Undersized wires, loose connections, faulty components or improper grounding are just some of the problems.
  • any canned or boxed food – it’s probably expired or could be contaminated.
  • toys – they either break quickly or worse, are often a choking hazard. Just check out the U.S. Consumer Recall site to see how many recalls are dollar store type products.
  • tiny sized shampoos, beauty and cleaning products – they’re not necessarily dangerous they’re just not a good deal. But their small packaging can fool us.
  • toilet paper, facial tissues, paper towels – really? Are these the products you want to fail?  Thin, flimsy, single layer toilet paper just isn’t welcome in my household.

And one of the WORST THINGS to buy at a dollar store:

Dog Treats!

Rawhide, jerky, bully sticks – all these so called treats have been recalled over and over.  Even from top quality manufacturers and retailers, let alone dollar stores. The dollar store versions are likely about to expire, or already have.  Very nasty stuff for your Morkie.

Nasty Knock-Offs

tiffy-barks copyThey’re probably knock-off treats made in China, and we know how that can end. The Veterinary Information Network published an update on the jerky treat problem in May; Chicken Jerky Treats from China may be Associated with Kidney Issues. 

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has been strongly warning us to avoid these treats since 2007– whether they’re made from beef, turkey, chicken or duck.  Whether they’re called tenders, sticks, poppers, treats or jerkies… And the ‘new and improved’ sweet potato treats are no better. In fact they’ve been directly linked to dog and cat poisoning.

Better treats for your Morkie or small dog:

  • baby carrots
  • cooked (by you) liver bits
  • experiment with different fruits and veges like a green bean, a blueberry or small slice of banana.

AVOID: grapes and raisins, anything with added sugar, chocolate, tea, coffee, alcohol, onions 

WATCH OUT FOR: very hard treats like nylon bones, antlers and smoked bones. These can be very hard on your Morkie’s tiny teeth, even breaking them off.

Foods your Morkie should never eat

Kim Lam has some great healthy dog treat recipes for you to make including wheat-free biscuits, pumpkin dog cookies and cheese pops that your Morkie puppy will love:

biscuits with fork

Definitely a better choice – simple, healthy treats YOU make

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