Why the Irish love their dogs!

Why the Irish love their dogs!

Yorkie pet me im irish

She may be from Yorkshire, but Tinkerbell still loves St. Patrick’s Day.

A new study by University College Dublin, shows that the Irish really love their dogs…. and really don’t like cats.  About 36% of Irish homes have a dog, but less than 10% own cats.

That compares to the United States, where dog and cat ownership is about equal, and 64% of households have at least one pet.  (Humane Society statistics)

Why? Some reasons could include the importance and prevalence of farming and rural life in Ireland. On a farm, a dog is a helpful companion while cats generally have the run of the property and aren’t regarded so much as “pets” as strays, say researchers.

Most Europeans live in apartments where a cat is the ideal pet, but Irish tend to live in homes, larger homes at that. So a dog makes sense.

And then there’s the plain old Irish bias: they think cats are silly, and strictly for older single women. Whatever the reasons, dogs rule in Ireland!

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