News dog: pups in the news — 2

News dog: pups in the news — 2

A little news roundup for Friday. I get lots of alerts about dogs, mostly Morkies, and come across stories I think you’d like. Let me know in the comments if you like this new feature.

You think it can’t happen to you!



(WSVN) – It was supposed to be a simple four-hour flight for their four-legged friend, but one South Florida couple’s dog ended up 4,000 miles away. It’s a strange story that spans three continents.
7’s Brian Entin has our special report “‘Ruff’ Ride.”

Jessica and Sebastian got married last year. They met in Colombia, where Sebastian lived, but he moved to Miami to be with Jessica.

Married life was great, but one thing was missing: Sebastian’s Labrador retriever, named Yorkie, was still back in Colombia.

Jessica Dominguez: “So for Christmas, I figured that was the perfect Christmas present.”

To surprise her husband, Jessica paid $1,200 to have Yorkie shipped from Bogota to Miami on Avianca Airlines.

File this one under YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING!

But when she got to Miami International Airport to pick him up…

Jessica Dominguez: “That’s not the dog.”

Worker: “Are you sure?”

Jessica Dominguez: “Yeah, I’m positive!”

The dog inside the crate was not Yorkie the Lab.

Worker: “That’s the number I have here.”

Jessica Dominguez: “Nope. That’s not the dog. I am 100,000 percent sure.”

Jessica says she waited at the airport all night, worried about Yorkie.

Jessica Dominguez: “Finally, like at almost 6 o’clock in the morning, they told me, ‘Oh, we have good news and bad news. Good news is we found your dog. Bad news is he’s about to get to Spain.’”

Yep, you heard that right: Spain.

Jessica had to break the news to her husband.

Sebastian Alvarez (translation of): “I was in shock and desperate.”

Yorkie was accidentally put on a nine-hour Avianca flight from Bogota, Colombia to Madrid, Spain.

Then he was flown back to Bogota on another nine-hour flight … before he was finally put on an almost four-hour flight from Bogota to Miami.

Jessica Dominguez: “How many times a day did they feed him, did they walk him? Who knows?”

After three days of traveling, Yorkie finally made it to South Florida.


Some of our Readers' Pix

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Shoutout to Joie T. for sharing her pix of little JAX!


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jax the morkie

News dog: pups in the news

News dog: pups in the news

A little news roundup for Friday. I get lots of alerts about dogs, mostly Morkies, and come across stories I think you’d like. Let me know in the comments if you like this new feature.

Boo, World's Cutest Pup, Passes Away From 'Broken Heart'

Boo survived to be 12-years-old in human years – which would be 84 in ‘dog years’. Boo, and his friend Buddy (who passed away last year), became viral internet sensations when their owners created Instagram and Facebook accounts showcasing their adorable antics.

The news of his heartbreaking death was recently posted on Facebook – to his 16 million Facebook followers. The sweet and adorable Pomeranian passed away in his sleep due to heart issues – many assuming it was a ‘broken heart’ due to the loss of his companion last year.


Little girl's special bond with her Morkie gets the local shelter $5,000

A bond between a young girl and her newfound furry best friend has won Posh Pets Rescue, a nonprofit organization that runs the Long Beach animal shelter, a $5,000 grant.

Nassau County resident Sondra Toscano submitted the story of how her seven-year-old daughter Lydia fell in love with Venus, a Maltese-Yorkie mix, from Posh Pets, to the Petco Foundation’s sixth annual Holiday Wishes campaign, which awards grants to animal welfare organizations across the nation.


Carol and Gary Heiner, accompanied by their dog, Buddy, brought stuffed dogs to the children at Emporia Child Care. The couple take Buddy for walks regularly near the child care renter, and the children, Buddy and the Heiners have formed a bond.

“We have been walking him there for about a year and a half, two, three, five times a week sometimes depending on the weather,” Carol Heiner said. “During the summer when the weather is nice and the kids see us coming they start yelling, ‘puppy, puppy.’”

Thanks to their generosity, each child received a Christmas Buddy of their own. What a couple!

Some of our Readers' Pix

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Awwww! "Shower Time" for two Morkies. Thanks Giselle for sharing the great pic!

Awwww! “Shower Time” for two Morkies. Thanks Giselle for sharing the great pic!

Let’s play! Thanks for the picture of your little cutie Macie!  

Morkies in the news

Morkies in the news


I’ve been gathering some articles and news lately that feature Morkies. Enjoy!

New Dog Park will feature separate runs for large & small dogs

Town counsel in Bellmore (New York) have welcomed suggestions from pet owners about where a new dog park should be, and some of the details. One thing everyone agreed on was two different, separate areas. One for big dogs and one for small dogs.

In the excitement of off-leash play, a large dog can seriously injure a small one, just by stepping on him.If you take your Morkie to a dog run or dog park, be sure and watch carefully for large dogs. Your Morkie might start barking wildly, as Morkies will do, and push the bigger dog into play that’s too rough or even aggressive behaviour.

For more on dog park safety, please check out this blog:


picture of a yorkie and a boxer

Thor (left) and Max the Morkie, cool off at the Newbridge Road Park in Bellmore last month. Next year, town officials hope to have a new dog park finished which will feature totally separate runs for large dogs, and for small dogs.


Morkie a star at Paws on Parade on Halloween

Benji, a Maltese/Yorkie mix, donned his chef outfit for the costume contest. He took second place in the “Dashing Dudes” division, edged out by an adorable long-haired Chihuahua dressed in the theme of the movie Up.

dog costume contest

Paul Bandong photo.



Sadie the Morkie looks after her owner

Heart attack patient Tim Secrease credits his Morkie Sadie, with helping him get back on his feet faster.
“It’s wonderful,” he said. “I’m not healthy. She sleeps on my pillow next to me, tends to me. She’s my emotional support dog.”

Tim Secrease credits Sadie, 2, his Morkie, with helping him cope with serious medical issues. In this photo, Sadie was visiting Secrease in the hospital, where he was being treated for a heart attack.

“She was there to comfort me after my fourth heart attack,” said Secrease of Crystal City. “I’ve had a fifth heart attack since then.”

First support dog was a Yorkie

Many (including Animal Planet researchers) believe that Smoky, the war hero dog from WWII, was the first therapy dog.

Found wandering in the jungles of New Guinea by an American soldier, Smoky was a full grown 4 pound female Yorkshire Terrier. Not able to find the owner, eventually Smoky turned over as winnings in a card game, won by American Corporal William Wynne. (Value: about $6)

She served with Wynne for almost 2 years, living in primitive conditions, running on coral in equatorial heat and surviving on army rations. Smoky was so smart and easily trained, that she performed many valuable functions for the army.

During her service, Smoky even parachuted!

After the war, Smoky was so talented, that Corp. Wynne began taking her to see wounded veterans in hospital. One of her first visits was to the Mayo Clinic where she cheered up servicemen. She soon became a regular visitor, as doctors noted her positive effect on the patients.



Burbank writer is inspired by his German shepherd-collie mix and the family Morkie

These stories can serve to inspire us to act better as people.

Fifty-four year old Mark Rickerby has already contributed 17 stories for the successful series “Chicken Soup for the Soul.” The family’s German shepherd-collie mix, Charlie, was often the source of inspiration for his success. Although Charlie is a large dog, he’s nicknamed the Gentle Giant.

Mark and his wife adopted a second dog, tiny Pixie, a Yorkie-Maltese mix. Pixie turned out to be much more aggressive than Charlie and would bully him without mercy. But the big dog never retaliated.

“We all have room for improvement,” he said. “We can all be kinder and gentler. I think dogs just teach us in general. Charlie’s my teacher, but I think every dog is kind of a teacher to a receptive student.”




Maltese-Yorkie mix is her best friend, says KidsDay reporter Leanna Tortorella

One Sunday in December a couple of years ago, Leanna came home from a sleepover with her friend, Sabrina. She went upstairs to unpack and that’s when her mom screamed her sister’s name, her brother’s name and her name. The kids all thought they were in trouble!

But, their dad was standing there with a new dog. Leanna had longed for a replacement for her older dog, Bruno, who had died the year before. But the parents were adamant, no more dogs.

“My mom said we were not going to get another dog, but she plays with Gino the most — like wow, mom!” says Leanna.

She continues, “Now when I leave for school, Gino knows and goes in his little doghouse, and it makes me so sad. When I get home I play with him and let him outside. Gino will grow to be only 10 pounds. At the moment he is 6 pounds. Gino is a Morkie, which is a Maltese and a Yorkshire terrier mix. I love him so much.”


thompson park day morkieMorkie is a Superhero

The Monmouth Park annual festival is a great play for families to enjoy displays, rides and games. And of course, pet costume competitions.  Here’s The Kessler family with their little superhero Wonder Woman Morkie.



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