Lost Morkies come home – 2 good news stories

Lost Morkies come home – 2 good news stories


Little Bitz, the Morkie who ran away on her way to grooming was picked up by a passing motorist who made no attempt to find the owner.

In the past couple of weeks there have been TWO great stories about lost Morkies who’ve made their way back home to their owners… owners who are special people recovering from serious illnesses.

The first was a 3-year-old dog called Little Bitz who slipped away from 80-year-old owner George Decker, when he was taking her to grooming.  According to George, Little Bitz helped him recover from a stroke last year, and was his “baby.” He couldn’t sleep for days, blaming himself for losing his grip on the dog’s leash. 

When Little Bitz ran across the road wearing a pink wool coat, red collar with a pink leash trailing behind, a motorist stopped, picked her up and drove away. Why this driver — a woman with two kids in the car — would do this and never look for the owner, is puzzling. There was plenty of local press about the incident so luckily for George and his wife, that driver’s grandmother called them and said, “I think I have your dog.”  

Sure enough, it was Little Bitz who was happily reunited with George. 

Breast Cancer Survivor’s Dog Returns Home After Going Missing For 9 Days

Amazingly this little Morkie from New Jersey was wandering outside for NINE DAYS until he was found and returned to his owner.  

Sprout wasn’t just any pet — his owner Lisa Wu says he was the perfect prescription to help her recover from breast cancer.

Myfoxphilly.comlost dogs posters reports that On February 22nd, with the Wus out of town, Sprout slipped his collar and ran from his dog-sitter. He vanished into the woods near their home. Friends, neighbors, even strangers sprang into action but Sprout was nowhere to be found. 

Finally, 9 days later and nearly 3 miles away another neighbour spotted little Sprout. She and four others corralled him into a box and called authorities, and the Morkie was soon reunited with the Wus.

He was a real mess, but very glad to be back home, getting a good belly rub by the fireplace.

Like the Deckers, this family realized just how much the little Morkie meant to their family and how important the pet was to a healthy recovery.

How can you prevent your little dog from tinker running copy-small-16running away? 

In both cases, the Morkies slipped out of control of their caretakers and there was little they could do. 

So is there any solution? Yes, say dog experts like Cesar Millan.  First, be sure your dog knows YOU are the pack leader. That means being firm, and kindly enforcing rules he must obey.  

Dogfoodinfo.com has lots of great ways to show your dog who’s the alpha… from who eats first to how you walk the dog. 

Second, be sure your dog understands and obeys the command to SIT/STAY.  We often don’t obedience train small dogs; instead we let them wander around and do just exactly what they want. That’s a double whammy in this case — it makes the small dog believe HE is the alpha dog, not you.  And he literally won’t stop and sit when you tell him to.  

Here are some resources to help you teach your dog these basic obedience commands:

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