October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month!

October is Adopt-a-Shelter-Dog Month!

The ASPCA and other animal associations are celebrating shelter dogs this month — and it’s easy to see why when you read about some of the success stories… like Jane, adopted in New York a year ago:

“February was the one-year anniversary of the morning I saw Jane’s face on Petfinder and brought her home four hours later from the ASPCA Adoption Center. I never imagined myself with a points card at a pet store, having to slap my own hand to stop me buying another dog sweater, chew toy, grooming tool or accessory—but that’s me now. 


Here’s a great read:  10 Compelling Reasons to add a shelter dog to your life.… on Dogster.com


Where to find a Morkie for adoption:rescue-morkie


Morkie Rescue – where and how?

Morkie Rescue – where and how?


MorkieRescue.com is a new site, devoted to Morkie resources for adopting and rescuing Yorkie-Maltese mixes.

That’s great – you won’t be disappointed.  Today, shelter and rescue group staff work with you to find a great match.

And contrary to some myths out there, dogs at shelters are not “bad” or “damaged.” They’ve usually been turned back because the owner’s life has taken a bad turn.


Petfinder.com and Petango.com have thousands of up-to-date listings.

To find an adoptable Morkie, you can check one of the big “shelter aggregator” sites – these are websites that pull together all the shelters,  humane societies and rescue groups across Canada, the United States and Mexico – they show you who is available, where.  You just enter the kind of pet you’re looking for, the breed and where you live.  You’ll see dozens of options.

The two biggies are:

They’re outstanding sites, and also feature lots of tips and articles on adopting.

You can also check Breed Rescue Clubs – Yorkshire Terrier and Maltese Clubs – where you can find mixes like Morkies.

Some of these are:

Know of any good rescue groups? Let me know and I’ll put them online.

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