The #1 mistake we make potty training our Morkies

The #1 mistake we make potty training our Morkies


You’ve got a new puppy coming introducing_the_new_puppyhome: how are you going to approach house training?

There are a number of different approaches to successfully house training or potty training a Maltese Yorkie mix – the key is – pick one and stay with it.

Changing house training methods will confuse your Morkie and will ultimately lead to accidents.

Your Morkie will be very confused and accidents will happen if you train him to go outdoors AND also indoors on papers or training pads…. that’s the reason to choose one method only and then stay with it.

Going outside – “house training” means your Yorkie can never go indoors, even on puppy training pads or “pee pads” as we call them in our household.

Inside OR Outside – not both!

Going Outside

From the moment you bring your new Morkie home, take him to the spot outdoors that you want to designate as his “dog potty area.” Use your command phrase “go outside” or “go potty.”

As soon as he goes, woohoo!  Give lots of immediate verbal praise, treats and kisses!  Consistency (yes, this word again) is very important with dog potty training. Take your Morkie to the same spot in your yard or park every time you take him out to go and use the same  phrase — “Go Potty” (or your own phrase).  Use the same phrase every time.

If you are not consistent with when you take him out and where you take him out, it will be hard for your dog to know what is right and what is wrong.

Going Inside

If you train your Morkie to go indoors, you have several choices:

  • paper training
  • use puppy-pads
  • litter pan

They’re all good – many people swear by the litter pan method; personally I use the puppy pads (“pee pads”).

TOMORROW: How long should it take to train my puppy.  (Hint: patience!)

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