Mark the dates

Mark the dates

Two dates of interest to dog lovers — Feb. 12, 13, 14, 2018. The 142nd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Feb. 16 – 18, 2018 PetSmart’s adoption weekend at their stores. Check your local store for more details.


Westminister Kennel Club Dog Show


  • it’s the ritzy-est of the ritzy dog shows! The Westminster at Madison Square Garden, New York.
  • but save that $567 each for seats, and watch it on TV
  • fun to hear about the breeds and breed standards, and of course, the Yorkshire Terrier and the Maltese will be of special interest to Morkie lovers
  • here’s the website for more information 


And for THE BEST satire on purebred dog people, check out the classic mockumentary, Best in Show. Seventeen years old, it’s still hilarious and is the perfect send up of the doggy-dog crowd.


15 Prized Facts About Best in Show

Best in Show


Best in Show ratings



PetSmart’s fabulous National Adoption Weekend 

Gotta love an organization that gives SO much back.

Four times per year, PetSmart Charities works with Animal Welfare Organizations across North America to host pet adoption events within PetSmart stores.

When you attend, you’ll find dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and small pets all in need of a lifelong, loving home.

The amazing organizations they work with ensure each pet is spayed and neutered prior to adoption, giving adoption parents added peace of mind as they search for a new best friend.

Check it out at your local PetSmart.



Petsmart adoption weekend



3 new breeds at the Westminster Dog Show

3 new breeds at the Westminster Dog Show

Dog fans are looking forward to seeing 3 “new” breeds being introduced at the 138th running of the Westminster  Kennel Club dog show. This meet is held at Madison  Square Garden, in New York City today and tomorrow.

The Club is recognizing three new breeds this year: the scrappy Rat Terrier (Terrier Group); the Chinook (Working Group); and the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno (Hound Group)

rat terrier

Rat Terrier




Portugese Podengo Pequeno

photo credits: Rat Terrier: from wikipedia; Chinook: from wikipedia;  Portugese Podengo Pequeno: from wikipedia.

Read more and watch live streaming

Westminster by the numbers:    

Wire Fox terrier

The Wire Haired Fox Terrier has won Westminster more than any other breed: 13 years on top.

  •  dogs entered:  2,845
  • breeds and varieties:  190
  • countries of origin: 50
  • date of the first Westminster show: May 8, 1877
  • cost of admission ticket: $27.50
  • number of Labrador Retrievers who will compete in their breed category:  76
  • most winning breed – measured by Best in Show for the past 100 years:  the Fox Terrier (Wire)

In the Toy Group, watch for the Maltese: 21 competing this year; and the Yorkshire Terrier: 32  (Morkies? none….  yet!)

Read more and watch live streaming: Westminster Kennel Club or see the broadcasts live on CNBC.

Read more and watch live streaming

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