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More about the author

About small dog expert Deb Gray

Are YOU tired of all the fake pet advice out there?

♦  coverups and lies from pet food manufacturers

  constant recalls of contaminated dog food and treats

♦  drug treatments, like spot-on tick prevention, that’s actually worse than ticks

♦  the growth of the vaccination industry – from rabies and a couple of other shots, to literally 17 possible vaccines

But who can you believe?

When it comes to nutrition advice, do you ask your Vet?  He SELLS pet food.

Online puppy sales are mostly frauds.

Big Pharma can sell pet medications and vaccines with minimal oversight from any responsible group.

What about the cranks promoting natural cures, energy healing and holistic nonsense? They’re the fake gurus who are promoting their own line of ridiculous “organic” products, for big profits.


Author Deb Gray is a pet lover like you, who’s tired of misinformation and out-and-out B.S. when it comes to dog care.

She’s not a trained pet care professional; she’s not a Vet and she’s not connected to any pet food companies or pharmaceuticals.

Deb is a self-taught expert in small dog care. In her studies, she’s uncovered information you’ll find interesting, helpful and even shocking. She writes about it in a clear, concise style, without medical jargon or hype. So you are armed with information to make up your mind yourself.


Deb is dedicated to presenting the facts to other dog lovers, so they can avoid the heartbreak of over-vaccination, terrible food and misleading medicines. Her style is approachable and easy to understand.”

— Greer A. Cunningham, reader


 Contact Deb


Deb is not a veterinarian. She is not trained in animal science. She is not an expert advisor from a pet food company or Big Pharma.

She’s simply a regular consumer, like you, who is fed up with the lies we’re told by the pet industry.

No hidden agenda

She has sifted through thousands and thousands of pages of research, and talked to hundreds of people.

In her short books, she presents straightforward, jargon-free information so that you can make up your own mind, and make the best choices for your small dog.  

Contact Deb here.


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