Dogs can be poisoned in the blink of an eye — getting into antifreeze in the garage, eating mouse poison, digging through your cleaning closet….

But by far, the #1 cause of poisoning in dogs:


people medications


 Nationwide pet insurance (formerly known as VPI), the nation’s oldest and largest provider of pet health insurance, has analyzed its database of more than 485,000 insured pets to find the sources behind the hundreds of poisoning claims submitted to Nationwide pet insurance every month.

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people meds can kill pets

  • always keep your medicines – both prescription and over-the-counter, far away from your dog’s access
  • if you a drop a pill, FIND IT!
  • watch when you’re packing to travel – pills are often temporarily left where they could be nabbed

Read more and protect your dog

How to make your dog vomit

If you suspect your Morkie has eaten something poisonous, call your Vet or local poison center right away. They may encourage you to get your dog to throw up with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water.

Click to download how to make an anti-poisoning kit at home and keep it handy.

When you should NOT get your dog to vomit

  • your dog is unconscious or is having trouble breathing
  • he is exhibiting signs of serious distress or shock
  • you suspect he ingested corrosives or caustic — which include:
    • strong acids, drain cleaner, bleach, dishwashing machine powder, rat and rodent poison, antifreeze, perfume, mouthwash, or anything made from petroleum products — paint thinner, paint.

People food and plants poisonous to dogs

Read more about protecting your Morkie from:

    Download this list of people food that’s poisonous or just not so great, for your dog.

    And note a new danger – sugar free chewing gum. Most of it is made with XYLITOL, which is highly toxic to dogs. If it says sugar-free, don’t buy it!

    sugar free gum