Wellness CORE is one of the foods I recommend for your small dog.

With all the deceptive practices in labelling pet food, it’s difficult to find a good quality food for your dog or cat.  And since the pet food industry is self-regulated, it’s even harder. The ‘stamp of approval’ for pet foods comes from  AAFCO  (Association of American Feed Control Officials) which is a volunteer organization of industry insiders. It is NOT a government body, nor does it have any responsibility to government bodies, like the Food and Drug Administration (the FDA) . The nicest thing I can say about AAFCO, is that its reviews and approvals are better than nothing. But not much. 

So it’s up to you – the consumer and caring owner – to decipher what’s really in that food you pay good money for.

So what foods ARE safe?

Based on a number of experts’ reviews, and what a small dog like a Yorkie, Morkie or Maltese needs, I would recommend any of the following dry foods:

  • Acana from Champion
  • Amicus from Horizon
  • Before Grain from Merrick
  • Fromm
  • Go! Sensitivity
  • Holistic Precise
  • Life’s Abundance
  • NOW!
  • Orjen from Champion
  • Pinnacle
  • Wellness Core

This recommendation is based on my own research of expert opinions and my own experience – please keep in mind I’m not a trained animal professional, just a concerned consumer and committed dog lover.


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Please note:  I’m not a trained dog health professional. It is the reader’s responsibility to consult with a licensed, practicing Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine (DVM) (or equivalent in your country) before making any changes to your method of feeding, grooming or any other matter of dog care for any dogs for which you have any responsibility or contribute, in any way, to his or her care. This information is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace the advice of your own Veterinarian.