To make or iStock_000018731156_Large (1)buy a first aid kit for your Morkie, you need the basics, including:

  1. Adhesive tape
  2. Ointment or antiseptic cream (such as Polysporin Ointment, Polytracin or Betadine Antibiotic)
  3. Sanitary pads, to use as large bandages for bleeding
  4. Plenty of cotton gauze and scissors
  5. Hydrogen peroxide, mixed with water to induce vomiting (always check with  your Vet or poison centre first)
  6. Kwik Stop Styptic powder or cornstarch for small bleeding, like nails
  7. Muzzle
  8. Baby’s rectal thermometer and petroleum jelly
  9. Rubbing alcohol
  10. Pepto-Bismal®
  11. Benadryl® (more about Benadryl® below)
  12. Tweezers or Tick Remover (or both)
  13. Blanket to cover/carry dog

But if there’s a major injury, how are you going to keep that pad or gauze in place until you can get to the Vet or until your Morkie can heal?  The answer:



vet-wrap-pet-first-aid-kitVet wrap!

Too many people have a first aid kit with bandage material and lots more, but sadly no vet wrap. Believe me, you’ll be grateful for vet wrap the first time you need to use it.

“Vet Wrap” is also know as Corban and can be found at drug stores or in colors at sporting good stores.  You can also find it in tack / feed stores where they sell it for wrapping horses’ legs. It is much cheaper buying it at a tack store than it is buying it at the Vet’s or at a medical supply store.

Or, order it (complete with pawprints) at a great price online at  

Some more things you may want in a first aid kit:

SUNSCREEN!!! There are brands formulated for dogs: Doggles, GNC pets, and Epi-pet. you put sunscreen on the nose and ears and the tummy, and spray all over light colored dogs. Dogs sunburn and get skin cancer too.

Pepto-Bismol®. Don’t mix Pepto-Bismol® with aspirin and don’t give it to cats. The active ingredient is a salicylate (0.5-1 ml per pound of dog).  But for diarrhea and upset tummies, can’t beat a bit of Pepto-Bismol for your Morkie, Yorkie or Maltese. 

Note about Benadryl®. For itching and allergies.  1 mg per pound of dog. My vet recommends having some in the kit. Even my 7 pound dogs will take 1 children’s tablet or half an adult tablett, or children’s liquid. Benadryl is an older drug that dogs actually tolerate better than humans do. The liquid is good to put right on bug bites and tick bites too. Could be a lifesaver if the dog gets into poison ivy or gets a bee sting or rolls in a fire ant colony. Tell your Vet how much the dog has been given within the 8 hours prior to the visit if you have to go to the animal hospital.

Pepto-Bismol is a registered trademark of Procter & Gamble.  Benadryl is a registered trademark of McNEIL-PPC, Inc.

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