The famous painting of Nipper and a gramophone – listening to his master’s voice. This advertising icon was introduced in 1989 and is still used in some products today!

Just used the new Petcube for the first time and I must admit, I approached it with some doubts. It just seemed too gimmicky. BUT, my little buddy LOVES it.

Pet Cube is promoted as an Interactive Wi-Fi Pet Camera. The idea is, you set up the pet cam at home then watch, talk, listen and play laser games with your pet through Petcube mobile application anytime, anywhere.

More features of the PetcubePetcube_Camera-2dogs

* Share access to your Petcube with friends and family, connect with public Petcubes and follow their updates
* Share photos and videos of your furry friends taken with Petcube camera
* Apple and Android compatible. (Android should have version 4.0 or greater.)

Petcube is available from Amazon and costs $199.

Other pet monitors

Motorola Scout66 Pet Monitor, grabbed from Pinterest

Here’s another great way to watch your Morkie and say hi during the day — the Motorola Scout 66.  This unit has motion-triggered recording as well as snapshots, and like Petcube, enables you and your Morkie to hear one another throughout the day.

It picks up even the softest audio and offers low light recording, so you can watch your Morkie into the twilight hours.

Motorola Scout 66 features:

  • Room Temperature Display
  • Free Motion Detection & Alerts
  • Wall Mountable & Adjustable To Any Angle
  • Expandable Up to 4 Cameras

Cost is $99 from

Petzi even dispenses treats!


This pet monitoring system is sure to please your Morkie – it actually dispenses treats, along with two way conversation and video monitoring! A revolutionary remote treat dispenser and camera that makes it fun and easy to connect with your pet from anywhere, at anytime.  Petzi retails for $169 from Amazon.

So if you’re into high tech and want to stay in touch with your Morkie, one of these units just might be right for you!