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Ticks on Dogs: Small Dog Nightmare

What’s worse than ticks on your dog? COMMERCIAL TICK TREATMENTS!

At least 1,600 dogs have died needlessly in the past 5 years thanks to spot-on flea and tick treatments! It’s a tragedy that shouldn’t happen.

Commercial products to repel ticks can be deadly. The insecticides in these products are poisonous. Let’s face it: they’re formulated to kill stubborn parasites. The hardest hit: dogs under 20 pounds. 

Learn how to protect your small dog from the dangers of ticks – without poisoning him! Order today. 


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What you’ll be reading

Ticks are a real nightmare for dogs and people. 

But Tick Treatments are worse!

“Trying to pick an effective, safe, commercial tick treatment for your small dog, is like choosing between being hanged and being shot.”

  • In 2010 EPA and the FDA both warned that spot-on tick treatments have been linked to serious medical reactions in dogs under 20 pounds, especially mixed breeds
  • More than 1,600 pet deaths have been traced to spot-on tick and flea treatments in the last 5 years
  • Tick treatments contain proven carcinogens and other toxins that invade your dog’s system, causing long term, permanent damage


ticks on small dogs ebook
See the Table of Contents and the first few pages, on Amazon.com
Title: Ticks on Dogs: Small Dog Nightmare
Author: small dog expert Deb Gray
ISBN: 978-1-988290-00-3
Publisher: Letter 27 Communications Business Ltd.
Year: 2016
Format: KINDLE ebook
# of pages: 94 pages

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Title:  Ticks on Dogs: Small Dog Nightmare

Author:  small dog expert Deb Gray

Format:  KINDLE ebook

ISBN:  978-1-988290-00-3

Publisher: Letter 27 Business Communications Ltd.

Publishing Date:  2016

# of pages:  94

Don't poison your Morkie - protect him!


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