Lots of us are concerned about commercial dog food, and with good reason! It is such a huge market that some manufacturers are willing to go to almost any lengths to grab more market share. Cutting corners and disguising ingredients are just two of their nasty tricks.


But TREATS can be just as scary!

Just this past June, there was a massive recall of rawhide chews. The manufacturer, United Pet Group, a division of Spectrum Brands, said there was possible chemical contamination in all their brands, which include:

dog treat recalls

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Rawhide chews are also routinely recalled for salmonella residue, which of course is highly poisonous and can make your Morkie quite sick. (You too, if you handle the chews and happen to touch your mouth or nose with the bacteria. ) Read more about rawhide chews in my post here: Rethinking Rawhide Chewsticks.


So how do you know what treats are safe?

Our friends at Reviews.com have an excellent article on what to look for in dog treats, updated just last month:



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Read about what to look for; what to avoid and some of the rules of choosing dog treats wisely. Click here for more: https://www.reviews.com/research/dog-treats-safe/ 


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