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The Ugly Truth About Vaccinations and Your Small Dog

There are more types of vaccinations available than ever – are they all necessary? And are they all safe?

How often do dogs need shots? We people don’t get boosters every year!

There is always a risk with vaccinations – do you know how to reduce that risk?

Losing your precious dog — or coping with his illnesses for years — all because of the common practice of over-vaccinating must stop! Order this must-have ebook today and protect your small dog.

Just $5.99

Here’s how the risks that come with vaccination are multiplied for small dogs – up to TEN TIMES!

When vaccines are bundled together, small dogs are UP TO TEN TIMES MORE LIKELY TO HAVE A DEADLY REACTION. 

Anything from a fever and pain for a few days, to full out cancer at the injection site, or seizure and death!

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More about this ebook

Title: The Ugly Truth About Vaccinations and Your Small Dog
Author: Small dog expert Deb Gray
ISBN: 978-0-9879996-7-2
Publisher: Letter 27 Communications Business Ltd.
Year: 2015
Format: Downloadable PDF
# of pages: 98








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More about this ebook

Title:  The Ugly Truth About Vaccinations and Your Small Dog

Author: Small dog expert Deb Gray

Format:  Downloadable PDF

ISBN: 978-0-9879996-7-2

Publisher: Letter 27 Communications Business Ltd.

Publishing Date: 2015

# of pages:  98


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